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20ml of red wine or equivalent a day  (per person)  in cooking i find useful !

20ml of red wine a day  (per person)  in cooking i find useful !

a poem by jason

at the dining room table

the chandelier



‘ information ’   is  a  useless  abstraction

‘ information ’  is  a  useless  abstraction

‘ information ’  is a useless abstraction

‘ information ’  is a meaningless abstraction

everything is perspective

‘ information ’  is a useless/meaningless abstraction

everything is perspective  !

everything is perspective

a zen koan, will the monolith of ewk ever crack ?

i’ve seen a few hairline cracks, but that’s it !

what zen master was a marble block ?

i suppose i don’t appear to crack but that’s because i move with the stress lines !

a zen koan, will the monolith of ewk ever crack ?

real dishonesty in ourselves we cannot see

real dishonesty in ourselves we can’t see

ed.  on a r|zen poster being  intellectually dishonest

you are playing at  ‘ scholarship ’  which by reason of a poor cognitive style and no doubt neural issues you are not equipped for !

i’m saying you have basic cognitive style problem in not going into necessary detail before forming an opinion, ewk’s issue as well !

like ewk you also won’t hear that !

somethings take us thirty or more years to learn if we ever do, am always on that road !

real dishonesty in ourselves we can’t see

real dishonesty in ourselves we can’t see

philosophy is an academic subject where  “ intellectual dishonesty ”  is de rigueur !

“ regarding the  ‘ gender blurred ’  and autism, were these always present in humanity or they were gradually developed through evolution ? ”

i think you’re saying that the gender blurred aspects are evolutionary but am not sure of your stance on autism


r e p l y

they are modes of reality, i am sure there are gender blurred and autistic whales, dolphins, elephants, other great apes and that sort of thing !

gender blurring can be hard wired at the genetic molecular level as with hermaphroditic species

i don’t know that gender blurring and autism are separable, i always look for gender blurring when considering whether some-one is on autistic spectrum or not !

UG  Krishnamurti is a good example of being on autistic spectrum/autistic and gender blurred !

he certainly looks  “ girly ”

jessica  writes

i know i’m extremely aggressive, it’s just been mostly internally focused my whole life

transition has been helping to calm me

even if i’ll never really look like a girl, it makes my mind calmer and makes me feel more comfortable in my body

my reply

you actually have a nice feminine side that comes through

i’m actually extremely gender blurred in a different way, extremely heterosexual but my brain is some really weird combination that has added up to that !

there is a huge intellectual power to being gender blurred, probably the evolutionary reason for it, but your posting here on r|zen just stands you out head and shoulders above the others, you have a brain between the ears and had you got into commercial music younger i am sure you would now be quite well known !

this what zen is really about, the synchronicity with life failure and actually working out what life is really about !

“ you think having visions of someone gives you transmission ?

i read UG  Krishnamurti had a vision of a man named kuthumi, one of the men that inspired the creation of the theosophical society ”

that makes sense about UG, yeah he’s useful in certain areas  (ball breaking denouncing of religion!)  but not others

in zen, mind to mind transmission is the teachers approval of the student, you are his heir in his lineage

“ some of the stuff you write confuses me or i think i see contradictions in them and i think it doesn’t add up

i’m thinking this is me trying to put things into a rigid thought pattern so i can grasp it

but i can’t ? ”

the pattern’s different, that’s enlightenment and you can’t or won’t go there and to be honest to go there is almost like committing suicide, not to be recommended usually !

ok, my  video

and a heap of contemplative, health and zen writing

over a million words

that’s what i do, i’m not ashamed, its my life and work

now let’s see what you do . .

its important to read quality, that’s all that matters, what interests you will be different from me

“ I’m a musician myself ”

you are full of claims, post a video or sound clip of yourself performing since you claim to be a musician !

i have a good ear and am not genre bound, you will get a disinterested opinion !

whereas brad warner has a tin ear ! : o)

°       °       °       °       °       °       °       °       °

the thing is message boards are full or almost entirely composed of bullshitters, you are being  asked  to back up a claim that you are a musician in real life . .

i have known musicians, they all have examples of their work up on the net !

at the moment i am thinking you are someone who  fingerstyles  a couple of hours a week and has exaggerated that into being a musician !

that would fit with the rest of your claims

well i’m looking forward to listening to you perform !

if you love music like jessica you will be good at it and apart from shyness, will be happy your work is published on the net !

let’s see what you can do, don’t be shy, you are amongst cognoscenti here !

i really like kelly valleau’s playing of eric clapton’s  song  !

“ that writing this much is  over-analyzing  or intellectualizing and not zen ”

dogen and hakuin were hyperlexic and they were certainly zen !

“ the romans seem to have had no problem with masculinity in homosexuality as long as you were the  ‘ top ’

commodus  I   II   (i think it was commodus)  essentially spelled his doom  (after years of being a terrible emperor)  by calling himself the wife of his male lover ” 

that’s just not correct about  “ commodus’s doom ”  taking an easy opinion on a complex subject and your view doesn’t match with real life rationality

the issue of assassination and what constitutes a  “ good emperor ”  is complex and takes a lot of background and study which you don’t have

you aren’t even  “ over simplified ”  but naive

assassinations are very rational mostly

like ewk plays with zen, you are playing with history

°       °       °       °       °       °       °       °       °

why not do a month’s research into the topic, its actually quite interesting, commodus being the son of the last  “ good emperor ”  the famous philosopher marcus aurelius

for sure you will see the insufficiency of your question, just plain wrong minded !

actually commodous was rumoured to not be his son at all, but by a gladiator

are you planning an academic career, you didn’t reply that question !

ed.  yes he was intending to become a theoretical physicist !

my life is just one long nervous breakdown !

my life is just one long nervous breakdown

maybe r|zen is composed of really aggressive people  (ed. of  “ shitposting ” )  looking for an outlet ?

it would be interesting to know the index to ring finger ratios here, longer ring fingers mean higher womb testosterone exposure

measuring the finger tips to proximal phalanx/palm stitch

right hand index 68.7 ring 72.5  =  .92

left hand index 68 ring 70.5  =  .94

i am short and have small hands, quite a big difference between left and right


right hand  =  left side of the brain and the language centers which figures, in real life i am not personally aggressive but very so intellectually !

there are quite a few studies on testosterone/androgen receptor and index to finger length ratios that in sum are definitive to something in that area happening !

jason writes

the difference between my right and left is .25mm, right hand fingers being smaller i have small hands, short too, but have been told i have long fingers

my reply

yeah that’s not much and very different from mine !

xyz    (transexual)   .95

that’s more the  norm  for men

i think transsexual is always a combination, you definitely are a mix

that’s another zen thing, everybody is their own species, not much else out there that matches and that that does is crucifying !

yeah, the distance is not easy to measure as i also found out !

do you think your family has a tendency to blurring ?  i know my mother is when i looked at it, she looks feminine but her brain is very male !

actually my whole family going back generations on both sides is very blurred !

xyz  (she)  replied   “ definitely!!!!! ”

ewk doesn’t study with scholarly rigour or even study at all, he reads , makes a guess that suits his distorted reality and then that’s the opinion he holds for the rest of his life

i never read because i have to, yeah i do get sucked into the story !

only the first three  volumes  of  ‘ the story of the stone ’  or   ‘ the dream of the red chamber ’  are by cao xueqin, i never read the volumes four and five

i never read because i have to, yeah i do get sucked into the story !

if you don’t find it interesting maybe you should look at something else ?

its a strange thing to deal with people with health or mental health problems and see them remain in pain and prefer to die rather than go through the re-alignment of thinking necessary to solve their problems effectively !

i remember an admitted paedophile with asperger’s syndrome on an irc channel years ago who was also into the occult

i mean the  occult  is just so much empty bullshit, what use is it except as a cover for paedophilia ?

bit like the catholic church really !

there’s a few aleister crowley devotees on r|zen, why are they in it, well you can’t really tell with the anonyimity of the net can you !

i never knew what  prince rupert’s  drops were

looks   fun  !

the  7th  patriarch’s  fukanzazenji

basically its just the power and necessity of solitary contemplative time and why dogen gave up on laymen is its too hard in that sort of life with priorities of family welfare to give the sort of time, focus and intensity  necessary

as the only authentic lineage holder alive today i’m not so fussed about the various lineages being in existance today, you know 90% come through war criminals anyway !

the requirement for authentic transmission is both the giver and receiver of transmission have an authentic understanding, so very rare unfortunately and the unenlightened will continue to push competent but  ‘ not having a true understanding ’  teachers like ta-hui and huang po !

lineage is not a metaphor, its an actuality of authenticity !

eihei  dogen’s  fukanzazenji

“ she’s been depressive for at least three years ”

cut her loose if she won’t help herself

cut her loose if she won’t help herself

the reality of health advice is  99.99%  of people would rather die painfully than do anything supplement or dietary wise to help themselves

long experience and observation unfortunately

and some will hold useful advice against you

every evening i put in at least two hours of  ‘ contemplative time ’ ,  you can call that meditation if you like . .

“ what do you do in that contemplative time ?  as i said,  that term is incredibly vague ”

only if you have no experience of it !

basically its just really doing nothing, i turn off the lights several hours before bed and have a red headlamp . .  sometimes on, sometimes off . .  maybe working on some stuff that has arisen, or observing the flow of thought or just going outside to enjoy the dark and moonlight if its not too cold or windy !

also when i wake i stay in bed an extra half hour sorting things out !

“ my friend has told me she’s depressed and sent me this  :  how do you cope with feeling like nothing in this world/ life makes you happy ?

can you think of anything i can do for her ? ”

well this is what zen is really about, this finding and identifying infinity . .

small amounts  (cut down tablets)  of copper sebacate i find helps mood

vitamin   K2/Mk-7

exercise as well

she won’t do anything of course . .  they never do . .

i’ve seen plenty of your type of fourth or fifth rate musician on zen message boards, it seems to attract them !

limited men trying to limit everything else !

i notice that these mediocre types always try and cut the tall poppies down, they have no insight into themselves !

zen is about being open in large part, all they do is hold the door tightly closed !

“ i think i’m just going to be in survival mode until i either die or figure out how to age backwards ”

yeah me too !

take the four noble truths, dig a latrine, dump them in and then shit on them !

then lie the eightfold path along the ground and piss on them !

: o)

reddit zen just eats time and leaves nothing in its wake  . .

reddit zen just eats time and leaves nothing but guffawing ferals in its wake  . .

almost 30, time is running out  . .

almost 30, time’s running out  . .

try framing your question in english and not “ pompous ass-ese ”

just looking back through the old  zaddar  nick

my god i was posting on r|zen two years ago !

i had about four or five nicks from those days since i kept getting banned !

i remember that poem !

my re-translation of sogi’s poem #660 from   ‘   haiku  before haiku ’ ,  translations by steven carter


a storm before daybreak

bushes bent touching the earth

having passed through


h y p e r eal

s o b e au t i ful, how long can i stay in the cold ?

kirkus’s very bad   tattoo  is still up ! : o)

“ tattooing is the imposition of some-one else’s bad artwork on you in a toxic way, its a lot to do with things going wrong in zen, a physical paradigm of the mess and usual wrongmindedness ”

some more lines of sogi

that man’s life is but a dream  —  is what we now come to know

the house abandoned, the overgrown garden is full of butterflies

dillon quotes me and comments

‘ aleister crowley is really a zen master ! ’

you’re one of my favourite zen masters on here now

my  reply

i was negative initially and then read up on him and he’s very interesting and led an interesting life and knew a lot of  ‘ literati ’  !

i think his  “ satanism ”  was actually a literary talent trying to carve some sort of useful income niche out which in fact didn’t work that well !

you can consider zen as non literary types also trying to carve out an  ‘ income niche ’  so you get the still born abortion it is !

dillon quotes me and comments

“  ‘ tough times never last but tough people do ’

tough times last but tough people never do ”

i like your blog.

my reply

yeah i liked that one, just popped into my head when i read the quoted line!

you don’t need to get into zen koan fantasy land ,  just get into the stuff of your own experience !

i write koans all the time, they are a natural product of a certain degree of layering, density, inversion and recursion and its very much not a conscious process

you can mimic but it doesn’t come up with the goods !

enlightenment is a distinct  “ full ”  view of life

jessica creel’s composition  fad romance

that’s really good you have a strong talent, way ahead of any other self-composition i have ever seen posted on r|zen !

you should be doing that, not wasting your time arguing on r|zen with anti-artistic rednecks !

depressives have a problem recognising their talents as the sea is too  “ calm ”  so to speak instead of the rough and toil of what they are no good at !

jason thought it reminded him of  crystal castles

we all need to look carefully at what competing life priorities we are shelving  ! 

we all need to look carefully at what competing life priorities we are shelving

ewk has persistence and utter inability to work to an adequate level of detail in problem solving

a combination of schizophrenia and autism is the diagnosis

plus giving everyone PTSD  !  : o)

rockytimber  writes

i have noticed lately that communes and farm communities that stay together often have a central doctrine, a religion

its a lot of work, and the function of the institution is primary.  the people are dispensible, but the institution is served like a god.  there is little real connection between what is uplifting and what the institution is really about

you find the flowers in the cracks of the sidewalk, like everywhere else.  but it is kind of sad that the flowers are incidental and the institutional objectives are a monolith of lifelessness, a realm of make believe

that takes on a central energy of its own by sucking from the life of the people who sacrifice themselves to it in the name of their ideal


r e p l y

“ the people are dispensible ”

ed.  green gulch, sfzc, religion in general

except those at the top !

just the usual life’s pyramid schemes !

that’s a really good post you made !

rockytimber  replies

thanx !

i also think its worth noting that these institutions have rules, and people who call out those who break the rules.  there are also some kinds of punishments and rewards, or at least promises of a future benefit

there are also winners and losers, awards, trophies, and exile too, most of the time, and keeping score

and a lot of training and rah rah propaganda too

its to be found all the way from madison avenue to the doctor’s office

my  reply

what i have noticed with  “ spiritual centers ”  is the extreme political infighting over a tiny  ‘ kitty ’  so to speak, nothing much in the pot to be gained compared to the emotional violence that occurs

that’s in life and business as well as you say !

ewk ,  your  “ default mode network ”  is  “ over entrained ”  which is a characteristic of schizophrenia !

it just doesn’t shut down when it needs to !

‘ the art of zen ’  really is to transmute this !

yeah, good on bob dylan  for dragging  the committee through the mud, in its entire history the nobel prize only ever been given to a few great poets and the likes of philip larkin,   w.h. auden  or sylvia plath were ignored, the list of omissions is endless and then they give it to a notoriously plagiaristic songwriter to whom fame is now meaningless !


“ the swedish academy received a personal letter from bob dylan, in which he explained that due to pre-existing commitments, he is unable to travel to stockholm in december and therefore will not attend the nobel prize ceremony ”

a personal letter, they should be so honoured ?

. .



i write koans all the time, they are a natural product of a certain degree of layering, density, inversion and recursion and its very much not a conscious process

you can mimic but it doesn’t come up with the goods !

enlightenment is a distinct  “ full ”  view of life

basically you have written a short story, it doesn’t have the layerings or density of a koan, nor the inversions or recursions !

its just ill fitting semantic twaddle !

basically you have written a short story, it doesn’t have the density or layerings of a koan, nor the inversions or recursions !

its just ill fitting semantic twaddle !

chekhov isn’t garbled !

if you think about his plays, he offers acute observations on life, can you say the same !?

“ don’t tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on glass shards”

chekhov isn’t garbled !

if you think about his plays, he offers acute observations on life, can you say the same !

joshu was enlightened and his conversations were literary grade performance art !

joshu was enlightened and his conversations were literary grade performance art

a haiku by jessica creel

waves breaking ashore

too chaotic for my ends

i prefer the calm

my  comment

good lines but are they personally true ?

i mean you preferring the calm ?

what zen master made such a childish reply ?

your problem is you have no  “ literary sophistication ”  so think you are doing more than babbling nonsense

read or look at some chekhov youtubes, see a master in action !

“ act more pretentious.  got it ”

there’s a wider more sophisticated world than r|zen i am afraid where being a  ‘ redneck ’  is not going to get you far !

writing is not a  “ redneck ”  activity

get it ?

the infantile view of zen which is mostly taught is there is some sort of plateau reached that the   “ enlightened one rests on ” ,  the reality is a very bumpy wasteland that does evolve one however, dogen shows this change  .  .  and to take his earlier writing as the same as his later is a big mistake, but hey, that’s soto and meiji zen of course !

“ what is the  ‘ grown-up ’  view of zen ”

the perspective from which to make sense of life is not a human one !

so being human, our views change and its the meta of change that is the  “ grown up view ”

i hope that doesn’t sound too  ‘ defeatist ’ ,  but as one gets older, defeatism comes through !

ewk, pretend and pontificate is your style !

ewk, pretend and pontificate is your style

pretend and pontificate is your style !

pretend and pontificate is your style

somuch to do, solittle time todoit

i can’t seem to talk without upsetting people, the lady in the health shop, i was in the health shop and um i went to the teller, this like a small health shop just run by one woman and i went to buy something or pay for it and i could see the a round clock just off to the side and it was right on three and i said  “ its three o’clock already ”  and it seemed to click with her because she straight away starting talking about how the days gone and then she said, you know if you know how to get the time back, tell me, i said yeah, its called delusion, and that seemed to sort of put her off her stride and she went a bit peculiar, well not peculiar just a bit rattled and i was just thinking its sorta like a joke, you could delude yourself to get the time back, but it seemed to upset her


work, employment, motherhood, we spend or spill our lives in anti-solipsist stances

we spend or spill our lives in anti-solipsist stances

work, employment, motherhood, we spend or spill our life in anti-solipsist stances

we spend or spill our life in anti-solipsist stances

you’re an



    enough  !

you’re an




the real armageddon was  a battle  and seige at megiddo where the egyptians under pharaoh thutmose III whumped the canaanites !

i think the point about poetry compared to prose, is you have layers of meaning   shifting sands or a changing kalediscope of meaning, so that you don’t get stuck in a rigid sense of what its about

that there is no fixed sense, it changes each time you look at it and it changes as you look at it, the diamond net of indra so to speak, a sense of something from an internally reflecting structure

i think the point about poetry compared to prose  is you have layers of meaning   shifting sands or  a changing kalediscope of meaning    so that you don’t  get stuck   in a rigid sense  of what is  what its about   that there is no fixed sense  it changes each time you look at it and it changes as you look at it    the diamond net of indra so to speak    a sense of something from an internally reflecting structure  a sense of something from an internally reflecting structure


ah death and a leaving and you just don’t see them again


ah death is a leaving, you just don’t see them again

jimmy savile was really autistic, i recognise a lot  of the traits  in myself ,  however he was not an unhappy man or unhappy with his life !

ed.  louis theroux’s documentary  “ when louis met jimmy savile ”

my reworking of a zen  story

a layman complained to master zhizang that master jingshan told him buddhist doctrine was bullshit !

zhizang asked  :  do you have a wife and children ?

the layman replied  :  yes

zhizang asked  :  does master jingshan have a wife and children ?

the layman replied  :  no

zhizang replied  :  doctrine is for the pretenders, no doctrine is for those for whom the exploration of infinity is a life’s work !

the net is very enabling of people concealing their bullshit, that’s why its not real !

fakery, masks and pumped up self aggrandizement, aporetic is an unknown skill to most

jason  writes

i find the online games i used to play are something not real where you project yourself or use a mask, maybe you can try to make it as close to real life as possible but it just isn’t

my  reply

nothing real life about no maiming or brain damage or removed body parts from being hit and your miraculous resurrection !

new york is a lot of vertically stacked people !

new york is a lot of vertically stacked people

fasting is not a solution for weight loss !

the answer is what you eat and metabolism

if you fast you start to conserve calories

no sugar !

‘ i ’   disappears  

something formed

something dissolves

jon  writes

lol we call him andrew when he’s a patriarch

you’re supposed to be some kinda historical mystical person

the likes which few have graced this planet


r e p l y

i don’t exist and neither do you

i don’t exist and neither do you

i think editing is a surprising  (to me!)  skill i have developed, in part i am good at it because i can leave other people’s writing alone !

jon  writes

maybe i wrote too much and used too much spaces in the lines

my  reply

the spacing is not a problem, you just want to get more into your own thinking and not others, that takes time but your little poem about the snow not staying is your own thinking and has a profoundness to it !

really the only reason i write is occasionally there is something so startlingly strange and lyric that there’s almost no explanation for it !

jon’s poem

remember when I said that the snow was here to stay ?

well the weather proved otherwise

it’s been constantly melting these past few weeks

the snow is now mainly in the bush where the sun can’t reach it

also some small patches here and there on the streets

at the end of reality

come the ferals

with their obnoxious


     what can i do about it  ?

nothing except




at the end of reality

come the ferals

with their obnoxious


jessica creel  writes

. . here’s hoping i don’t wake up tomorrow.  a gentle sleep with never a wake, never to entangle eyebrows with anyone again, that would be something

my  reply

‘ i ’   disappears  

something formed



‘ i ’   disappears  

something formed



to do anything successfully requires a lot of finesse to make it work !

unless you put the time and work in, you are going to catch the angles all wrong !

to do anything successfully requires a lot of finesse to make it work

unless you put the time and work in, you are going to catch the angles all wrong

“ well i wonder what the 7th patriarch’s epitaph will be ! ”

he was confident enough about infinity to be not too fazed by being childless !

jason  asks

don’t you want to be famous ?

al-maʿarri became famous, charles bukowski did and saʿdī  being highly welcomed in shiraz


r e p l y

well al-maʿarri was unusual, he was a very good businessman and died wealthy apparently, all the same he was so heterodox to islam he could have been killed, maybe sympathy for the difficulty his blindness invoked saved him ?

fame brings a lot of problems, women in bukowski’s case though he got lucky with his wife who added years to his life !

saʿdī  had a very uneven life and in addition modern society is different, there’s no appreciation now of the sophistication of his sort, they had cultured elites then, now its just the supremacy of mass entertainment !

r|zen is a bad scene, grasping hubric retards, why educate them ?

i think writing commercially damages the author

this also holds for  “ spiritual teachers ”  given the accommodations that must be made, the nature of the people they have to deal with and the amount of travel actually !

jack  morris,   lauren  bullen  and  their  mirrors

if women didn’t have feelings, they wouldn’t look after their children  !

if women didn’t have feelings, they wouldn’t look after their children

toni packer didn’t like publicity at all and it has taken me my experience with reddit zen to understand why

the more well known you are the more complete obnoxious retards who are offended by what you say become aware of you and they step out to make your life a misery

there was actually an attempt on toni’s life !

i didn’t really understand the problems of  “ fame ”  at all and there’s this whole other aspect i had to learn the hard way !

my posts are honey to flys and wasps to you and your ilk !

the  ‘ hostile ’  zenthrowaway17  asks

so you don’t actually want to teach anyone anything ?


r e p l y

in my years of zen travel, no-one taught me anything, i picked up a few things and more on my own account !

there were puzzles that got solved and still get solved that’s all

you don’t have any genuine curiosity so full of yourself and your ways of looking you are !

“ and could benefit from listening to me ”   (ed.  zenthrowaway17)

i do, but the lesson is don’t deal with entitled rigid psychotic arseholes

ekw is similar, not really psychotic, just more on the arsehole and stupidity front !

my posts are honey to flys and wasps to you and your ilk !

“ you suggest that muhammad didn’t even exist ”

ed.  the tard zenthrowaway17 again,   this  long thread

yeah and jesus and buddha, that’s what upsets you

again we have your psychosis

“ but if you can’t explain to me, a sympathetic, patient, normal person, why i should be particularly interested in what you say, then i have little reason to believe that you’re particularly intelligent ”

please please don’t be interested and don’t reply to me !

give your sympathy and normality to more sympathetic and understanding others !

i have spent decades researching sufism and the historical veracity of religious teachers  (mani is real btw! )  and you just want to diss because it undercuts your psychotic view of reality !

you think you know better, but why are you talking to me ,  plenty of idiots here on r|zen to converse with ,  the  “ reality ”  is you are in denial about what i write and its effectiveness

prove yourself confident in your own views and leave my words alone !

there’s just a level of cultural and intellectual sophistication above you  (ed.  of zenthrowaway17)  that you don’t want to address and reddit zen is a good place to ignore that and actually zen/r|zen generally is the glamorization of ignorance !

you’re a psychotic tard not interested in walking outside your own bullshit !

the world is a psychotic tard, the only thing i hold against you is your not being interested in walking outside your own bullshit !

the world is full of psychotic tards not interested in walking outside their own bullshit !

the world is full of psychotic tards not interested in walking outside their own bullshit

r|zen is full of psychotic tards not interested in walking outside their own bullshit !

r|zen is full of psychotic tards not interested in walking outside their own bullshit

“ Maybe do a podcast with u|zaddar1 ”

i had a bit of a think about this, the problem is there are some very hostile people on this board who will involve quite a bit of work replying too, i just seem to be unable to leave this shit alone . .

people take my ideas but still kick me all they can, its not healthy to be here . .

the germans should have left stalingrad and i should stop posting here, a podcast is in the wrong direction

i was interested to see my own response about sufism versus zen, in fact i have done sufism pretty thoroughly previously and i don’t find r|zen has any processing heft in that area . .

so really whenever i post and now i seem to be quite well known, there’s always people prepared to hassle me unproductively, its just not worth the candle and maybe i have eventually got battle fatigue, its just not worth the while to have to look at ewk who clearly has some  “ mental health ”  issues post for the three hundredth time i need to see a doctor

thank you for your recommendation it has helped me see things more clearly,  r|zen takes a lot of energy for what now ?

i liked the interviewer  (ed.  joe quint) ,  he has some insight  !

i always felt  jeff hawkins  could be running scientology and he was overwhelmingly competent and there’s something about the world that this didn’t happen !

1 : 06 : 23

ed.  louis theroux’s documentary  “ my scientology ”

“ her face is a map of the world ”

  perhaps a sufi  sentiment  ?

“ zen has no need for god.  sufism is still monotheistic.  one huge difference there ”

“ god ”  is just vocabulary, sufism being in an islamic milieu had to accommodate somewhat !

more sophisticated notions of god e.g.  meister eckhart  show what vocabulary is and can do !

“ To conquer Persia and impose Islam, the Arab invaders resorted to many  inhumane actions  including massacre, mass enslavement of men, women and children, and imposition of heavy taxes on those who did not convert

By the order of “ Yazid ibn-e Mohalleb ” in Gorgan so many Persians were beheaded that they made blood and bone fertilizer from them

The event of blood mill has been quoted by the generations of Iranian Zoroastrian families to this day, yet our books of history have been silent about it.  In recent years however, disenchanted Iranian scholars have been writing about the blood mills and in fact this event has been reported by our historians of the Islamic era

On the way to Mazandaran the same commander ordered 12,000 captives to be hanged at the two sides of the road so that the victorious Arab army pass through.  Upon arrival, many more were massacred in that province and heavy tax was imposed on the survivors who did not convert.  Some historians have estimated that a total of 400,000 civilians were massacred ”

from the point of  “ enlightenment ”  in fact an infinite amount of analysis of texts is not needed, what the story is, is quite apparent with a bit of work

as far as i can see the one historical reference is a certain war lord called muhammad who killed every man  woman and child in a village ,  somewhat extreme by even the measures of the times !

the true origins of  ISIS  except they shoot themselves in the head as well !

he never existed historically, perhaps the military aspect comes from a conflation with that warlord !

the oldest koran’s  mid-point estimate  dates to when muhammad was in his early thirties, before the beginning of the revelations in 610 which continued until his supposed death is 645

islam is a copy cat religion adapted for the arabian world and specifically subjecting conquered populations in a rational way, this is what it excels at !

air power has destroyed the ability of tightly controlled social enclaves to survive so islam itself is in the process of being destroyed !

christianity never survived the disaster of the crusades, islam has always been successful, but it just don’t fit now with warfare being so changed technologically as ISIS’s and the taliban’s experience shows !

any cultural sophistication explodes the illusion of buji or religion !

which is why zen and buddhism are so full of dullards !

any cultural sophistication explodes the illusion of buji or religion

which is why zen and buddhism are so full of dullards !

any cultural sophistication explodes the illusion of buji or religion

which is why zen and buddhism are so full of dullards

any cultural sophistication explodes the illusion of buji or religion !

any cultural sophistication explodes the illusion of buji or religion

“ Was Muhammad a Zen master ? ”

he’s like buddha and  jesus ,  all characters in bad novels !

plus the endless  fan fiction ! : o)

yeah i don’t think islam  can survive  in a climate of religious freedom !

sufism invalidates zen exclusivity ?

quality zen and sufism share the same concerns so since one is buddhist and the other not, how can buddhism or zen or sufism as stand alone concerns be valid ?

its only the commonality of concern that is valid and straight away the vista is a broad as is necessary !

saadi shirazi  and   al-maʿarri  are both very accessible  “ zen style ”  writers !

rumi suffers a lot from very bad and sentimentalized translations, but he is quite uneven anyway !

why write three pages of rubbish, when you can write a paragraph of sense ! ?

why write three pages of rubbish, when you can write a paragraph of sense !

why write three pages of rubbish, when you can write a paragraph of sense

the silk road went from china to britain

it wasn’t only bodhidharma that came from the west but there was  nestorian  christianity in tang dynasty china and indians living in roman alexandria  !

you can’t open the horizons of the insane !

that’s why they are insane !

you can’t open the horizons of the insane !

you can’t open the horizons of the insane

that’s why they are insane !

you can’t open the horizons of the insane

that’s why they are insane

you can’t open the horizons of the insane

“ but of course !  i used to visit my local theosophical society for the lectures and bookstore.  i still go to that bookstore when i’m in town, as it’s freaking amazing ”

the theosophical society was still quite strong in auckland twenty years ago, i wonder if like some remnant of the roman empire in wales that lasted for hundreds of years after the fall of rome, that theosophy is still persisting in the antipodes !

what i love about the society is it was founded because annie besant kept getting caught uri geller style and then she figured, why do i need to do tricks at all ?

grass_skirt  replies

hahaha!  a neighbour once showed me his copy of blavatsky’s   ‘ the secret doctrine ’  and asked my opinion on the likelihood of its authenticity

my guess is that a lot of things from the victorian era still persist in the antipodes, some maybe unbeknownst.  its a well-known principle in linguistics  (and genetics too)  that when something spreads outwards from some central point, it is the periphery that preserves the initial state, while the centre continues to evolve

this is why the japanese word  “ zen ”  sounds a lot more like the early middle chinese pronunciation, while the chinese has changed continuously up until modern times.  its also why sub-saharan africans are more genetically diverse than any other human grouping, or why britain has such a colourful array of local accents in such a small area, relative to the former colonies

my comment

until the last years or so  (2016 now)  tasmania had very faithfully preserved the sixties !

its loss is the influence of the internet on the younger generation !

at  the hidden paradise retreat center, canar, in the foothills of the sierra nevada, southern spain

up at over 1000 meters above the mediterranean with views out to morroco !

well, let’s face it, a lot of the sufi stories are better than what zen has to offer !

i feel the moderators are making a great mistake in not permitting sufi content OP’s

sufi is so  “ zen like ”  it makes fools of buddhists, alan watts, and obsessively narrow focused  “ records ”  literalists

r|zen is a battlefield of unpleasant obnoxious obsessives of whatever persuasion only united in that zen seems some prize to conquer and have possession of

the problem is that you have to understand what zen is about, rather than what zen is, there’s no argument when you look at what zen is about, but no end of travail when you try to constrict what zen is to your version of it

this need to keep zen straight-jacketed is a deeper issue of the sub than my talking about it can hope to remedy !

so when you look at r|zren, to make sense of it, you have to look at what is not there !

louis theroux is  good value

ed.  louis theroux’s documentary  “ by reason of insanity ”  part 2

“ grace ”  is just   “ jesus ”  by another name, less likely to get you locked up !

women give birth to men, men seed women, its just so crazy, isn’t it ?

bertie gregory knows how to use a camera, british colombia  is beautiful  !

zenthrowaway17  writes

I usually reflect the people I’m talking to


r e p l y

that’s your psychosis and very typical of the mentally ill

you only see what you want to, anything that would actually extend insight for you, you avoid

that’s the fundamental recipe for an insane arsehole and it is a glove fit for you !

zenthrowaway17 seems to be going through a  “ christian psychosis ” and writes

Grace is essentially the manifestation of god in a human being

Anybody can have it

As for me ?

I don’t really know if I’m a particularly graceful person, but I don ’t think I’m stupid or psychotic

Mentally ill, yes, but not to the point of psychosis  (not right now anyway)


r e p l y

“ grace is essentially the manifestation of god in a human being ”

yes you are a stupid psychotic arsehole !

you are psychotic right now !

take grace and shove it up god’s arse !

my definition of  “ insanity ”  is unusual but to me its some-one who will waste or damage your use of time to their own cost to simply try and conform you in some way to their need for the world to be a certain way, always some hubric version of themselves!

like wise my definition of death is a bit different, its when they are no longer there !

that’s all death is, they are no longer there and as such it occurs in many forms and ways in life !

david beat  his mother to death  with a baseball bat but still thinks it was his mother who was  “ possessed ”  and not him !

ed.  louis theroux’s documentary  “ by reason of insanity ”  part 2

this was because she must have finally snapped at his  (manic?)  behavior and verbally abused him !

 oh i dream !

a cherry tree in flower



to the ground

oh i dream

a cherry tree in flower



to the ground

i think the problem with r|zen is most people are braked against wasting your time by being afraid to waste their own, on reddit zen they are completely unafraid to piss their life down the drain just to hassle you !

you can’t post without one of these picking up something you said as against them or their way of looking at things !

intimidating !

“ . . .so those tiny movements of atoms are why i responded, if i’m speaking objectively

i think this atom movement basis can be used to explain things ”

to a schizophrenic yes !

ah well, reddit zen has always been a pyschward !

pyschosis is grace

grace is pyschosis

°       °       °       °       °       °       °       °

you don’t think  ‘ grace ’  isn’t extreme stupidity ?

you have grace and are  “ stupid ”  and you aren’t psychotic ?

the criminally insane  are the most boring stupid people, but killing people hardly shows any intelligence or imagination, still it is interesting to see its personal dullness, only the event is not dull !

ed.  louis theroux’s documentary  “ by reason of insanity ”  part 1

the number and amount of different pills they are given is staggering !

my criticism of a short story/s written by sepehr

i think they suffer from too overt a semanticism

a very common problem when writers try to create religious syncretism with their writing !

why not just let the unconscious flow as unconscious ?

sephr replies

i agree with your ciriticsm that there is over semanticism in most of my short stories

“ show, don’t tell ”  is very important

i misinterpreted you at first because i thought over semanticism was synonymous with didacticism, but now i see, it’s not

thankfully, i avoided didacticism, but i may go back and edit it a lot/bit to  “ show, not tell ” 


r e p l y

yeah, you need to leave a lot unsaid, that’s the secret of dense writing and poetry, to imply a lot more than is actually said !

from a practical point of view you have to do that anyway because to fully explain things takes too much work and no doubt is also TL;DR !

now hillary has lost the election, how long will it be before it comes out that she has parkinsons ! ?

even trump held off on that !

Q&A  between jason and myself

Q  :  why do you think you never took drugs ?

A  :  drugs are one source of damage, i have had others !

i am naturally solipsistic and have always had respect for my brain !

Q  :  i’ve been on rough seas since you said  the real zen is celibate and abstinent

like i’m scared ?  do things get more difficult ?

A  :  things remain uniformly difficult in my experience !

the hagakure by t.  tsunetomo ,  an odd mixture of bullshit and sense !

“ once a master was on his way to a reading at the jissoin temple in kawakami.  one of his pages had gotten drunk and started a quarrel with a boatman on a ferry.  once the ferry docked the page drew his sword, but the boatman struck him on the head with an oar, and the other boatmen gathered around ready to beat the page to death with their oars

the master pretended not to notice what was happening and walked away.  another page ran to aid his friend, apologized to the boatmen, calmed down the injured page, and took him back to the master’s house

that night the master took the disorderly page’s swords.  the master is first to blame for not rebuking the drunken page and taking control of the situation before it got out of hand.  after the page had been struck down there was no reason to apologize to the boatmen, even though the page had acted unruly.’ at that point, the master should have apologized to both the page and the boatman for what he was about to do and killed them both in one stroke.  the master had a coward’s heart ”

“ To give a person an opinion one must first judge well whether that person is of the disposition to receive it or not ”

hephaestion  and his  memorial  !

well fasting seems to help hugely with migraine, especially if you can pick it in the prodrome phase !

yeah vitamin A and germanium are helpful anti-virals !

vitamin A is migrainey tho !

‘ voynich ’  is just nonsense wrapped up to look like sense !

‘ voynich ’  is just nonsense wrapped up to look like sense

the five states  is just highly charged imagery on a backbone of voynich

“ the five states ”  are just highly charged imagery on a back bone of voynich

you’re  (ed.  mackowski)  a typical drug product, a welter of narcissistic masturbation !

you’re a typical drug product, a welter of narcissistic masturbation !

sanity is a social construct of intermeshing worlds that cannot change

reality is a construct of intermeshing worlds that cannot change

sanity is a social construct   the reality is intermeshing worlds that cannot change


buddhism, islam and christianity owe their convincing dominance to the simple? device of deriving their validity from a supposedly historical   “ superman ”

its the  ‘ historical reality ’ that concretizes and makes apparently true the rest of the appallingly self interested and rather creaky and heath robinson superstructure !

night is a solipsistic event !

night is a solipsistic event

jason  writes  (november the  4th 2016)

. . . later on we went to a meditation at the  “ insight meditation society ”  which is actually a pretty well known retreat center and it happens to be in our town

i was not surprised by people coughing and stomachs making strange noises during the meditation, one guy actually clutched his stomach and stamped his feet when he couldn’t take it any more and walked out of the meditation to the bathroom !

my comment

i think this is why lisa cairns holds her retreats in summer in greece and spain !

viral shedders  and the general seasonal  (especially on season transitions)  viruses guarantee that you catch something and its just not worth the pain to attend these events !

ewk  writes

“ significant scholarship establishes that eihei dogen plagiarized throughout his career ”


r e p l y

he tends to  “ script ” a lot and used other material as per the norm then

stylistically he is heavily indebted to nagarjuna

that’s not plagiarism

he has a distinct voice and outlook and it always comes through !

he was a celibate heterosexual monk with severe life dysfunction, he was actually looking for something and not playing the usual religious games !

he may have picked up tuberculosis on his chinese trip which is really sad !

his best writing like  one bright pearl  is lyrically beautiful and in a class of its own !

dogen says there is an understanding to attain which is an anathema to buji-ists like you

you can see it right through the lamp records as well, but dogen has such extensive writings that no ambiguity is permissible !

you  (ed.  ewk)  try to bend things to support your point of view, not look openly

you try to bend things to support your point of view, not look openly

a good test of  break dancing / hip hop / dubstep / popping / robot / animation / pop locking  is does it stand up with the music off !

this does  !

a quote by yuanwu kekin

if people find fault with you and try to put you in a bad light, wrongly slandering and vilifying you, just step back and observe yourself

don’t get bound down with any dislike, don’t contest, get upset, angry, or resentful !

just ignore it and be as if you never heard or saw it

eventually malevolent pests will disappear of themselves

if you contend with them, then a bad name will bounce back and forth with no end in sight

i suppose if there’s someone stupid enough to give advice of that nature, there’s some-one stupid enough to take it !

i prefer my rephrase of schiller

opposition is always perceived dimly !

the  ‘  ascension  of  isaiah ’  is the theology that the later idea of a literal historical christ evolved from !

isaiah’s execution was being sawed in half long ways, a punishment i also saw described in thomas pellow’s  adventures  except the head only? was sawed !

i don’t know why women think men are worth fighting over and i suppose it cuts the other way too  !

i don’t know why women think men are worth fighting over and i suppose it cuts the other way too  !

i don’t know why women think men are worth fighting over and i suppose it cuts the other way too

i don’t know why women think men are worth fighting over  ?

i don’t know why women think men are worth fighting over

you actually get a better view of what zen was really about through poets like wang wei and  “ the dream of red mansions ”  than the so called  “ zen records ”  which seem an attenuation for retards !


“ video life ”

the original zen was celibate for a reason !

“ I was hoping to find some zen study buddies and friends here on r|zen ”

fellow shards amongst the blood ?

so many shards from a pane of broken glass here, you are going to get hurt/cut

“ I asked once ”

shards cut regardless of how many times you ask them not to !

the irony is ewk, despite your being a hardened/dyed in the wool materialist

you have been caught by a mirage


across the


from the recorded sayings of zhaozhou congshen  in the  ‘ compendium of the five lamps ’

the master  (zhaozhou)  was having a discussion with  (his student)  wenyuan and proposed ,  “ let’s battle to see who loses, not who wins.  whoever wins loses a fruit ”

wenyuan agreed  :  ok, go ahead, establish your thesis !

zhaozhou replied  :  i’m a donkey

wenyuan replied   :  i’m the stomach of a donkey

zhaozhou replied  :  i’m the donkey’s shit

wenyuan replied  :  i’m a maggot in the donkey shit

zhaozhou asked  :  what are you doing in there ?

wenyuan replied  :  i’m spending the summer there !

zhaozhou ordered  :  give me that fruit !

my  comment

zhaozhou is very clever, he shifts the perspective and wins the fruit by losing, yet with the perspective shift also wins the contest !

there’s actually several levels, this is one of those rare koans you get some semblance of that, better than chasing the usual voynich of translations !

“ there are differences between sufism and zen, in that sufism could never nakedly express itself above the culture it was in, so they learned to hide their zen culturally, and this also led to their propensity for transcendent works of art ”

this is very apparent in renaissance art where the cultural catholicism and inquisition were breathing down their necks, very conventional religious/cultural templates used to convey detail of something quite utilitarian and sensible !

what i said to ewk

visions are an interior phenomena out of this world and don’t have a brain correlate, while hallucinations are some sort of brain correlate vested in a conventional material and physical view of reality !

his reply

hey, when people see things that aren’t there, that’s a mental health problem

ewk  writes

i encourage you to get treatment from a mental health professional.  at least have the compassion for yourself to get treatment if you don’t have any compassion for anybody else

if you have hallucinations that you imbue with religious significance, you probably need the pills


r e p l y

you deliberately misrepresent visions as hallucinations

visions are an interior phenomena out of this world and don’t have a brain correlate, while hallucinations are some sort of brain correlate vested in a conventional material and physical view of reality !

its actually very much part and parcel of zen, that’s why you deny dogen as a valid zen teacher with his vision descriptions

this difference doesn’t fit with your rather rigid and conventional world view

i don’t even think you are of the opinion i am insane at all, you are simply trying to hassle me so that i go away and you don’t have to address the role of visions in religion or mysticism !

thanks for that, you have had  an interesting time  !

i think that’s the thing about reddit zen, is the opinions are too divergent and that’s why it is  (i can’t say  “ has become ”  as it always had been that way)  so  “ weaponized ”  in approach !

in real life i’d find you interesting, but here i am only aware of divergences of views

funnily enough i have lived at a hermitage as well with a hermit who followed a very broad ecumenical version of christianity  (though her interest in greek and russian orthodox and  isaac  of syria was dominant)  and she was also a great fan of francis of assisi !

unbelievably she had a genuine antique illuminated bible that she kept in the top drawer of her desk, probably worth millions of dollars today, she is gone now and i have no idea what happened to it !

a story about her is two men doing some work on the property were having lunch, one had brought a dog with him and clem marches down the road to them with a shotgun on her shoulder asking if they had seen the dog harassing her hens !

she was a frail old lady at this point with an adventurous life behind her, doing research work on blood during the war and sailing the baltic, for several years i think, she came from an aristocratic scottish family, her childhood was spend with a private tutor in italy, it would have made a great biography and i regret not getting more of a record from her !

she told me about pilots in the battle of britain being on speed and the role of this drug in world war two is becoming more known now and also a german bomb dropped on some super secret undergound bunker system at an airport which housed some advanced electronics, communications or computer or radar research equipment and because the bunker design was not able to cope with the negative air pressure from the bomb exploding, it collapsed killing everyone and destroying all the equipment in it !

her brother was a scientist involved in the use of glues for mosquito aircraft, they had a few problems in egypt apparently

she never married and had vivid memories of asyulm inmates with syphilis which i think was a factor in that !

all lost knowledge now. .

i really don’t see much difference between sufism and zen and its interesting that the mods have removed posts that substantially reference it, i think that’s because it breaks open the illusion of zen !

i have been involved with john loori and and the monastics at mt. tremper and actually had a sorta fun time with the kwan um school at several of their centers and also extended periods at the springwater center with toni packer

you write  “ i consider myself a student because i respect the ranks of sages and the limitless potential for transcendent function ”

that is contrary to what is taught at these places which really revolve around  “ dai kensho ”  and seeing for yourself !

r|zen imposes no obligations of agreement of what zen is about !

i see almost no agreement there of what zen is about, even the buddhists are in fact all different shaped depending on their armchairs !

as the 7th zen patriarch of course i define what is the authentic transmission of lineage, but of course that’s not something i can bring you or others with your  “ unenlightened ”  viewpoints or experience to understand !

r|zen imposes no obligations of agreement of what zen is about !

r|zen imposes no obligations of agreement of what zen is about

i almost  ‘ accidently ’  made a reply on reddit zen the other day that really cognizes what reddit zen is about/does

“ so many shards from a pane of broken glass here, you are going to get hurt/cut ”

the other interesting thing is my OP linking to an interview with the sufi popularizer, idries shah, got removed and i do notice that any amount of vacant nonsense is permitted but really there’s no sufi stuff posted now

what is interesting about sufi is actually its extremely zen-like and i think both the moderators and some or most of the posters can’t cope with any idea of zen being in a larger context !

i think i am going to have to bite the bullet and stop reading r|zen . . those shards of glass are cutting me too much !

my comment on these armchair buddhists and zennists on reddit zen posting endless bilge !

more padding for your armchair ?

you have got lost in the comfort !

more padding for your armchair ?

you have got lost in the comfort !

the taming  of the shrew

well perhaps not ! ?

from his comment in the clip i gather she has been sleeping around

neither honesty nor self honesty is to be expected from that gender !

medical marijauna is  different  from recreational, having low or zero tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and high cannabidiol (CBD)

richie cunning raps his song  pure imagination

true insight comes from taking drugs or drinking excessive amounts of tea, being sure you are right and suppressing any suggestion you are wrong and parading like you know something when you have no real life experience of it !

the real key however is to simply continue to paint with a very broad brush pretending the details are right and being sure never to do any quality research cross referencing and teasing out the details

really the state  of the play  in the deconstruction of the  “ historical jesus ”

i find it interesting that bart ehrman is so obviously lying and he knows it !

its like the  “ armchair buddhists ”  on reddit zen, they don’t have the slighest interest in how things actually are, they just  “ weaponize ”  everything and in real life they would physically coerce, which of course is the history of religion !

there’s    a lot      something    nothing  to be said for armchair buddhism  !

there’s    a lot      something    nothing  to be said for armchair buddhism !

from powell’s record of tung-shan

after dongshan recounts his visit and professes he doesn’t understand, guishan suggests he go see yun-yen

“ just what sort of man is he ? ”  asked dongshan

guishan replied,   “ once he said to this old monk  (ed.  ie himself, guishan)  ‘ what should i do if i wish to follow the master ? ’

this old monk replied,  ‘ you must immediately cut off your defilements ’

he replied,   ‘ then will i come up to the master’s expectation ? ’

this old monk replied,  ‘ you will get absolutely no answer as long as i am here ’   ”

my  restatement

“ what should i do if i want to follow the master ? ”

you are crazy

“ crazy ? ”

crazy !

what should i do if i want to follow the master ?

“ you are crazy ”

crazy ?

“ crazy ! ”

so many shards from a pane of broken glass here, you are going to get hurt/cut

ed.  r|zen

so many shards from a pane of broken glass here, you are going to get hurt/cut

interestingly, they used to photograph the models  in those poses ,  then  “ tart them up ” ,  well before computers !

you have excelled !

such a feeling for kitsch must come from deep within the soul !

all three inches of it !

°       °       °       °       °       °       °       °       °

three inches of soul


its enough to


   kitsch !

you have excelled !

such a feeling for kitsch must come from deep within the soul !

all three inches of it !

“ Starting my Zen career.  What should I be aware of ? ”

poor health, mental problems and being broke are de rigueur !

and these days i would have to say, drug use as well !

just plant your usual punch in the face on him !

ed.  of  “ elbowpunch ”

blood and bones solves more problems than words apparently !

“ semantic information is represented in  the same place  in the brain and the same pattern of intensities for everyone ”

my view has always been that the  “ semantics ”  or sense of what is said is primary and actually shapes the language use !

nowhere is this seen more clearly than poetry versus prose !

health issues and zen centers go together !

zen is selective for really stupid and dumb people i am afraid to say !

zen is selective for really stupid and dumb people i am afraid to say

 the idiots

whether its posting

sentimental nonsense

on jeff fosters



or tendentious voynich


 reddit zen




   same !

 the idiots

whether its posting

sentimental nonsense

on jeff fosters



or tendentious voynich


 reddit zen




   same !

the idiots

whether its posting

sentimental nonsense

on jeff fosters



or tendentious nonsense


reddit zen




   same !

people with electromagnetic sensitivity have  magnetite  in the brain ?

jon  writes

i am continually amazed at what writing does for me

i could say something stupid and gain some new insights

if i just thought about it then i would not have this sort of introspection

it brings new light, a whole new level is opened up

my  comment

yeah i really regret not writing when i was younger !

jason writes

i’ve learned to respect older people more, still i am often surprised of their lack of knowledge and experience of something deeper, like they set their coordinates for auto pilot in a completely different direction

“ for women in their 30s and beyond, the probability of a pregnancy that results in a miscarriage or a down syndrome pregnancy is   staggering  with the risk increasing to 1 in 3 by the time a woman reaches her early 40s due to the  ‘ maternal age effect ’  ”

a low reading age is nothing to be proud of you know, bluff only goes so far !

 scene of hitler's suicide

the sofa on which adolf hitler shot himself in the head with a pistol  (after taking cyanide) ,  eva braun only took cyanide to prevent the disfiguring of her corpse !

eva  (who was of ashkenazi jewish descent)  sat at the far end and hitler was in the middle she died with her head resting on his shoulder . .

she could have avoided this fate as she was living in munich, but she travelled back specifically to be with adolf in the last weeks

besotted doesn’t describe it, more a mental illness !

before their suicides, both eva and adolf separately went for a last look at the chancellery garden ,  adolf however turned back at the door and never looked !

what beggars the imagination is joseph and magda goebbel’s suicide and the killing of their five daughters and son  (by all accounts well brought up, attractive and well behaved) ,  hitler specifically said they were free to leave !

it seems likely that magda had a jewish father !

one of the things that mengele found disturbing as he separated the new jewish arrivals at auschwitz were those racially jewish but who looked very aryan !

i never try to do anything when meditating, maybe that’s the essence of shikantaza, just following the flow, though one can still work out things

i don’t mind chanting, but my experience of  ‘ following the breath ’  is that it is toxic !

i have never meditated on koans, but i think that would be similarly toxic which may help to explain why most people get so crippled by zen !

i don’t mind chanting, but my experience of  ‘ following the breath ’  is that it is toxic !

i don’t mind chanting, but my experience of  ‘ following the breath ’  is that it is toxic

another reddit extreme, extreme, hiv positive men  stalking  non infected men to infect them

almost, perhaps the craziest thing i have read on the web !

i thought twice about putting it up, but it gives insight to how the world works

i suspect there’s heterosexual equivalents !

ewk’s perspective is  “ material ”  and the mystical perspective is anti-material

so he’s trying to enforce a materialist view of reality on something that is intrinsically   “ anti material ”

dogen more than most is anti material actually

and the tang and song records for whatever reason can come across as material

so he uses zen as a backstop for atheism and plays computer games and drinks too much tea and thinks this is an adequate way to spend one’s life . .

“ anyone spent time at the san francisco zen center ? 

 i am considering working at green gulch or attending tassajara ”

kogen worked at green gulch for several years

read back through his  blog

2015 to 2013

their zen is a bit screwy, overly formal and without any real understanding

green gulch is certainly a beautiful spot

have money in reserve before going there

don’t damage your joints

the diet at tassajara is unhealthy

quality sleep is important !

“ teaching an eight year old to meditate ? 

i want to teach my daughter to meditate

 are there any good resources  (websites, books)  you would recommend on this ? ”

the lotus posture damages the hips and knees, kneeling or  “ sieza ”  is safer

following the breath damages the brain, i wish i was joking

meditation is essentially  “ instructionless ”  which follows from its solipsism, but  “ shikantaza ”  is perhaps a more understandable way of saying this, just observing, again some extraneous notions can be damagingly piled in here !

actually i think it would have been useful for me to have done some meditation as a child !

where meditation always goes wrong is people reading junky or half arsed populist crap like say alan watts compared to emily dickinson and their brains just get set deeper on the wrong track

99.999% of people meditating make this mistake which is why it is such a disaster area !

don’t underestimate the intelligence of an eight year old girl, its the peak of human developmental intelligence !

“ i don’t underestimate her intelligence.  but i see her mind is restless, bores easily, seeks stimuli all the time.  that worries me.  endless chase after new stimuli is i think the worst form of addiction. ”

if you go for quality it becomes transformative

the problem with young people these days is they just get mired in   “ consumer ”    “ entertainment ”  crap and actually the school system is also a disaster area !

doing things and relating effort to being effective steps away from that, its just amazing how many young people are unable to distinguish between projection and results !

meditation is part of a larger context of understanding life, so its not some imagined  “ self improvement ”  program but a real functional activity !


i am sure there’s  a neural basis  to problems with  “ following the breath ”  to do with sensory input and rhythms

i do,  say,  about three hours of meditation/contemplation every evening and occasionally i will notice my breathing , that’s it, to actually follow my breath i start to feel is damaging after about 20 counts

the other side is that if you think following the breath is useful then you have got something very very wrong, which actually is the usual case for meditation unfortunately !

: o(


in summary i present a nuanced negative view of a particular meditation technique  “ following the breath ”  and the article linked provides a neuro-biological mechanism for effect, namely repetitive sensory phenomena inducing cascading synchronised neuron firing !

the mother of alan watt’s first wife was briefly married to the rinzai zen master sokei-an sasaki  (he died a year after marrying)

interestingly you can see alan was heavily influenced by the rinzai approach !

his mother was the daughter of a missionary and received gifts of chinese embroideries and landscape paintings ,  another strong influence on alan !

ewk, a march fly in november ?

ed.  northern hemisphere

my reworking of case 19 of the mumonkan

joshu asked nansen, people talk about  ‘ the way ’  but it just looks like fantasy/nonsense to me !

nansen said, well the way the term is used that’s how it is !

joshu asked, well how would it be used validly !

nansen replied, well there is a path or way but it emerges in hindsight, rather than seen ahead !

joshu rejoined, how much help is that to me ?

nansen replied, its just the modifying effect of introspective inquiry, that’s all !

when you enter into something it swallows you !

why zen is authoritarian is what reddit zen shows, that people don’t have the ability to tease out what is correct from what isn’t and just project forwards any number of fancies

authoritarian short circuits that and i think that dovetails with older people having much more experience too  (another discounted aspect of zen on r|zen)

the weakness of authoritarian is the same as its strength, its effectiveness depends on the  “ authority ”  knowing what he/she is on about and what they are doing !

r|zen is trying to take its authority from the zen records, but they don’t want to know what jumps out at every person experienced with the process of translation, that translations are very different from their original texts and even then why should you assume veracity of the original texts ?

it all has to come from interior experience which again gets back to real life parsing of correct and incorrect !

i think it  (ed.  of a poem by sepehr)  suffers from too overt a semanticism

a very common problem when writers try to create religious syncretism with their writing !

why not just let the unconscious flow as unconscious ?

“ don’t take the pain personally 

  when time’s guillotine is dropped ”

those two lines are good

sometimes we get to glimpse the well of no meaning

sometimes we confront the well of no meaning

you can be in an unsatisfactory situation/relationship and the only benefit is it induces an aporetic process in you  !

you can be in an unsatisfactory situation/relationship and the only benefit is it induces an aporetic process in you  !

you can be in an unsatisfactory situation/relationship and the only benefit is it induces an aporetic process in you

if you can’t beat them don’t join them  !

if you can’t beat them don’t join them  

if you can’t beat ‘em don’t join  ‘em  !

if you can’t beat ‘em don’t join  ‘em

removing  2,  1

removing  1,  2

your brain got smashed

by removing

ed. there’s this really over the top and almost schizophrenic transexual on reddit zen who has been castrated and doing hormone therapy that in my view was being driven schizophrenic by the hormone changes induced !

its an old story  james

ask  the bird  on nellie’s hat

being rejected is the bitter pill that clarifies

painful as it is

being rejected is the bitter pill that clarifies

slavador dali’s crucifixion  painting  is in in fact a  hypercube ,  a four dimensional object

i think posting on reddit is a bit like entering stalingrad ,  if you say something that identifies yourself as the enemy, all hell breaks loose !

i think posting on reddit is a bit like entering stalingrad, if you say something that identifies yourself as the enemy, all hell breaks loose

lower frequency electromagnetic fields in microwave radiation  activate  voltage-gated calcium channels detrimentally in the brain !

“ microwave EMFs from cell/mobile phone base stations, excessive cell/mobile phone usage and from wireless smart meters can each produce similar patterns of neuropsychiatric effects, with several of these studies showing clear dose–response relationships

lesser evidence from six additional studies suggests that short wave, radio station, occupational and digital TV antenna exposures may produce similar neuropsychiatric effects

among the more commonly reported changes are sleep disturbance/insomnia, headache, depression/depressive symptoms, fatigue/tiredness, dysesthesia, concentration/attention dysfunction, memory changes, dizziness, irritability, loss of appetite/body weight, restlessness/anxiety, nausea, skin burning/tingling/dermographism and EEG
 changes ”

my koan, when will ewk leave reddit zen and why ?

my koan, when will ewk leave reddit zen and why

i have often though the  key to hare krishna was some sort of hypnotic induction from the chanting, that is, chanting cements an otherwise quite crazy group, very hindu !

“ rhythmic stimulation can enhance neural oscillations at corresponding frequencies, somewhat like pushing someone on a swing. Through this process, called neural entrainment, if sexual stimulation is intense enough and goes on long enough, synchronized activity could spread throughout the brain.

this synchrony may produce such intensely focused attention that sexual activity outcompetes usual self-awareness for access to consciousness, so producing a state of sensory absorption and trance ”

winning territory is only half the battle ,  you then have to hold it !

winning territory is only half the battle ,  you then have to hold it

winning territory is only half the battle, you then have to hold it

reddit zen is a lot of concentrated   ‘ anti-joshu ’  !

there are some stories of monks who had come a long way to visit joshu and then leaving immediately after having a conversation with him, they couldn’t handle their being wrong . .

one monk walked across most of china to get to him then left immediately !

r|zen is suicide            r|zen is a form of suicide


lol, he  (ed.  podcast with ewk being interviewed!)  sounds  “ normal ”  rolling around the floor, rolling around the house, rolling around the town, rolling around the island

rolling around oceania !

i live on an island in oceania, so the sentence is a progression of increasing  scale

the structure of toxic tau aggregates determines the type  of dementia ,  brain areas affected and rate of progression

dr. james grime  explaining  infinitesimals

a very effective teacher !

i agree, they are much more intuitive than  “ limits ”

there wasn’t a problem with infinitesimals in the first place, the error was always vanishingly small !

another good video  on zero  !

maths is very visual, the better thinkers in maths are visual !

schools and universities try to root that sort of competence out of course ! : o(

josephus and 40 soldiers hid out in these  caves  ?  no wonder it seemed hopeless to them ?

jospehus had worked out that he would be the last  survivor  at position number 19  !

my resting pulse  is 72 beats  a minute !

“ a 12th century building sitting on 4th century remains ”

  1,600 years  of insanity , why am i always surprised ?

a good passage from sepehr’s most recent short story  “ the head’s of rats ”

at home, sohrab read joshu, who was most peculiar

he never gave definite answers to any of his disciple’s questions, and he would undermine the foundations of the questions by introducing paradoxes

there was a recursiveness in his koans wherein no sense of stability could be grasped, all ending in aporia

“ tough times never last but tough people do ”

tough times last but tough people never do

i think the point about    is how easy it is to get involved in battles you can’t win or even if you won the victory would be phyrric

where the terrain suits the enemy, be it in the ruined landscape of a bombed city or in the endless warrens of a living city as per the american occupation of iraq ,  how can you be expected to win  ?

an intelligent opponent is always going to try to draw you into battle where the terms favour himself !

frontline  accounts  of stalingrad

i have never had any problem meditating, but some people really seem to step into a danger area

“ hi everyone.  i meditated for 25 minutes today, and something crazy happened.  i’m not sure whether i should just stop meditating

first, my body started shaking like crazy, almost like a spasm

my body began to warm up, then it went really cold, and it was as if i was shivering.  then my eyes started moving frenziedly, like in rem sleep  (eyes were twitching  —  trying to open and close)

it was out of my control

i also saw some light, i think it was green, and some patterns (can’t recall exactly what though)

actually thinking about it, the periods were i was wholly out of control of my body were interspersed with periods of control.  in fact, near the end, even though i had a timer, i thought it was getting scary, and i should just end it  —  and i did.  i felt fully out of my control when my eyes were moving quickly

i was meditating one and a half hours before going to bed, so it could have been tiredness

i hadn’t eaten for a couple of hours  (i had food after meditation).  i don’t drink tea or coffee, nor have i consumed any medication.  i have not had sleep paralysis before.  i haven’t consumed any recreational drugs before too

i should have mentioned that it dissipated after one or two hours, but i was slightly worried.  i close my eyes when meditating, and i focus on the breath ”

he replied to me he’s not an epileptic but it does sound like epilepsy

jason  writes

i went to my coworker’s dinner party tonight, i brought my computer and monitor along because they were planning on watching a movie on a laptop screen !

i got the setup ready and had the monitor on in front of everyone on the couches, the movie was on pause and everyone was talking about this and that, then my screensaver came on that shows all my photos i’ve saved

everyone was silent looking for a couple moments, then they just marveled and commented

they really liked it actually and one of the people there said we need to all have dinner again to finish going through the photos !

someone commented  “ it’s like a window into jason’s soul ”

i say it’s a window into yours and the artist’s as well !

being a bum is all ok until you get health problems !

i have done heaps of interviews with about twelve different masters, one was quite a slick con artist, the rest were tired and wanted to be somewhere else

only two understood their subject ,  (toni packer and george bowman)  the others were confused

i notice people on reddit zen who claim teachers are some sort of personification of whatever sanctimonious imagery they subscribe to are full of crap

could it be their teachers are the usual sexual predator wanting to get the interview over so they can feel up the next female interviewee ?

if they won’t say who  “ your master is ” ,  he’s a sexual predator

sasaki, maezumi, genpo, eido shimano ?

the list is longer, there are also plenty of lesser known ones !

is that what was in it for them, fucking the master’s discards ?

the glamorization of zen masters is not actually typical of the zen approach, the unthinking reverence demanded and mystical attribution is much more typical of hindu and other cults, the free daist communion for instance !

this glamorization is much more typical of neo advaita than zen so that’s where i assume their experience is

just hindu orgies ?

its obvious the background of these people is not zen but something else !

if you read a bit of zen and develop an interest, then you should get some real life experience or you will make the mistake of living some  “ fantasy zen ”  which most seem to do !

sitting can be in a chair if you like at most places if you have problems but i found kneeling best, lotus damages the hips and knees

is zen  too narrow  for what zen is about     it is

is zen too narrow for what zen’s about  it certainly is


reddit zen   explanations chasing some will   of the wisp

reddit zen, explanations chasing some will of the wisp


“ there’s a rock at the bottom of the ocean.  i’ll pick it up without getting my hand wet ”

there’s a pie above the top of the sky, i think i’ll reach up for it !

“ there’s a rock at the bottom of the ocean.  i’ll pick it up without getting my hand wet ”

there’s a pie at the top of the sky, i think i’ll reach up for it !

“ there’s a rock at the bottom of the ocean.  i’ll pick it up without getting my hand wet ”

there’s a pie over the top of the sky, i think i’ll reach up for it !

“ normal ”  is delusional

i eat  ‘ delusional ’  for breakfast, spit it out for lunch and sleep on it for tea !

bankei wasn’t fully enlightened

“ normal ”  is delusional

i eat  ‘ delusional ’  for breakfast, spit it out for lunch and sleep on it for tea !

bankei wasn’t fully enlightened

any life answers for you are always  “ out of the box ”

but you only look in the box !

  particularly the  “ medical box ”  !

zenthrowaway17  replies

but as for you, no, i don’t think we need a medical professional to call you nutters

pretty much anybody off the street reading your comments will do

my reply

really ?

or is this your  “ reactive ”  response to being told something you know is true but don’t want to know ?

with a bit of intelligent out of the box thinking and doing, your life could be quite different, but as i said ,  “ you don’t want to know ”  and get snarky when told !

i have told you  already  and there’s a heap of other things to do

you have the reddit zen disease of thinking your own bullshit is where it stops

it doesn’t ,  it stops in the incompetence of your own life !

you went on psychiatric dose lithium and i was the one who had to dig up the research before you thought it was a problem

you are just a crapping faker, reddit zen supports that sort of personality in spades !


you haven’t read my  lithium page ,  you can bullshit to yourself, that’s what reddit zen is good for !

“ the dose makes the poison ”

i can say something really simple, you haven’t read or thought through the link and you say  ‘ yes i have ’  all the time, only having glanced at it, so nothing ever changes for you

i know for sure you will never read it !

an unreal world isn’t it !

you  ‘ struggle fruitlessly ’  because you won’t admit poor problem solving habits !

let alone doing anything about them !

i enlightened you as to the toxicity issues with lithium well before you started taking it and me later coming up with the research

with your mood swings you were always an obvious candidate, and i was interested to follow what you did over a while !

zenthrowaway17  replies

. . . do you want me to read every word of it and every word of every text linked in it a dozen times over, very slowly, and have me able to recite it all back to you line for line ?

i won’t do that if my initial investment of energy returned zero results !

what i am saying is that i have been on and off psychiatric medication since i was a young child in elementary school.  i became well aware that they all generally have some potential dangers during the 20 years since that whole process started . . .

my  reply

what good does reciting do, you need to read to understand and that is sufficient value in itself, opens new directions !

ah, that’s your problem, i knew someone else heavily medicated since a child, health collapses about age 30, and the brain gets fucked early on

its a pity, you are both very intelligent, she in fact was a literal genius !

ok gee that took a long time to get to !

lithium has a staggeringly wide therapeutic dose range, from the very high toxic psychiatric doses to very small doses similar to what is naturally in some town water supplies !

its not too difficult to make up your own drinking water with a level that matches some natural levels in water and in my experience and that of a few others, it works !

historically lithium spa waters have always been a remedy !

the big thing is that you get the effect of psychiatric doses without the negative side effects, this is because you are taking in the lithium continually through the day, not just a single humongous bolus dose !

i once accidently took a large dose of lithium and it made me almost suicidal for a day, very depressing !

zenthrowaway17  replies

I’m pretty suicidal already.  Like just yesterday I remember feeling a very strong urge to kill myself immediately, out of nowhere almost, while lying in bed

It was fleeting, but such fleeting suicidality isn’t uncommon for me.  Not just thoughts of suicide, which I can ignore easily enough, but intentions

I don’t really want to push it, even a little

Especially since I didn’t really even notice the lithium doing anything until it was too late.  Can’t say I trust myself to  “  self-monitor ”  in case I get suicidal again

I am a bit worried I'll just jump off a bridge while out for a walk.

I'm not sure what would push me in the opposite direction ?  Joy ?

Gosh I am angry right now typing this up !

I think part of me really wants to take more lithium !

Like, even if it didn't make me feel better exactly, it made me feel a little bit of something for a while !  Maybe it was just depressive psychoses, but I loved that psychoses !

It made me really feel the belief that my life had meaning.  I felt like I was either God or Satan or some combination of both.  Just doing my job for all of reality as best I could.  Suffering as much as was necessary to let the world do what it needed to do

my reply

that’s a really good bit of writing !

you are like me, it takes a lot of thrashing back and forth to get any sense to settle out !

any life answers for you are always  “ out of the box ”

but you only look in the box !

“ I treat you the same as I would anyone else ”

smarmy when you agree and an obnoxious idiot when you don’t !

jason asks

are the denizens of r|zen like the laymen of hakuin’s time ?

my reply

lol you want to read on hakuin’s experience with monks :  freeloaders, café dwellers

some would disappear when the preparatory work for retreats was being done, only to turn up for the retreat and free feeds !

yeah most only interested in entertaining themselves like r|zen

the first thing to do with a koan is work out how messed up it is which is usually quite a bit

then you either discard it  (most!)  or rework it to make something useful of it !

very very occasionally you will come across one that by some confluence of the lucky stars is innovative, makes you think and is pretty much right !

“ escape into senseless mysticism that manages to mask their folly by virtue of sounding pleasing to the transcendence-hungry seeker ”

that’s the great zen masters i am afraid !

when you become enlightened it doesn’t look so senseless, but there will be doubt sometimes or maybe not ?

zen and what it is about is many years of effective problem solving and not a cut and paste !

when you get it right you can talk about it convincingly !

can you really say that you can do that ?

ye  o f  t h e  d o u b t


i think the point is it is a skill developed over years

the approach is quantum and not linear !

is that convincing ?

a person of sense would see what i am saying !


the quantum process always gives you intrinsic recognition, but  “ realization ”  is bringing this into effective operation in one’s life which is quite difficult as life is full of decoys, frauds and our own walking away from the authentic !

if you develop the skill in yourself, you will recognise it in others !

“ sorry, I'm too stupid to understand what you’re talking about ” 

what will you do, gabble here for the next ten years or do some real work ?

you have to take stuff you find too hard and work on understanding it properly, not endlessly repeat what you think you do understand which honestly is usually rot !

this movement from what we understand into the destabilizing world of what we don’t understand but can grow to understand is the beginning of a journey people just seem to balk at !

you will always appear to understand something to yourself if you don’t explore beyond it, that is, its only from looking back from the viewpoint of the improved understanding that the original understanding will/seems impoverished/wrong/inadequate

this is of course what r|zen is full of, complacent farts quoting this and that bullshit never going beyond their own or the limitations of the quote

i still do not know why people do this, but the vast majority do !

yeah thanx, its taken me a while to appreciate your  video  but its on the nail !

i just used straight sodium hydroxide granules with warm/hot water in a small glass jar  (being very careful as this makes the water boil) ,  and it brushed out satisfactorily several hours later !

had to take the aluminium screw top off the plug as it reacts with the sodium hydroxide !

also i straightened the ground electrode to give better access !

as you say its a dangerous chemical and the vapours let you know that !


what i have learnt over the years on the net is the more sense you talk, the more it brings complete idiots out of the woodwork offended for whatever reason they can imagine

your videos are as good as it gets and show effective engineering, which in itself is upsetting to some people !

why does it make a difference to actually see him playing this to  appreciating  the music ?

i don’t know

ewk  advises  zaddar

you’ve admitted to having a mental health disorder

you aren’t a teacher, you aren’t a student, you are in need of a doctor’s care


r e p l y

zaddar gets dragged screaming into a windowed room by three strong armed men and is forced into a chair facing  “ herr doktor ”

the face of herr doktor morphs into ewk and dota2nub before his eyes

he/they ask  “ what can we do for you ”

zaddar start to mumble  “ reddit zen ”

and now the room morphs into a beautiful garden and park and somewhere within it is a psychiatric institution where the staff are held and cannot get out and they spend all their time convincing themselves they are on the outside and not the inside

zaddar strolls off !

i have got a little more antagonistic towards women and their ways as i get older, disrespect implied !

i have got a little more antagonistic towards women and their ways as i get older, disrespect implied

no real life zen experience, no enlightenment, no understanding !

no real life zen experience, no enlightenment, no understanding !

no real life zen experience, no enlightenment, no understanding

a quote from the record of linji

if you wish to be not different from the buddhas and patriarchs

then just do not look for anything outside yourself

the radiant light of your own being is the dharmakaya buddha in your own house

the non-differentiating light of your heart at this instant is the sambhogakaya buddha in your own house

the non-discriminating light of your own heart at this instant is the nirmanakaya buddha in your own house

this unity of the buddha’s body is none other than he here before your eyes, listening to my expounding the truth

my rephrase of this quote is

your own processing of infinity is infinity

your own processing of infinity is infinity  !

your own processing of infinity is infinity  !

your own processing of infinity is infinity

a very  autistic trio ,  harry secombe, spike milligan and johanna lumley

when you know dogen went to china and why ewk, then you will understand !

you must be deaf because all the masters are telling you  “ attain for yourself ”  and don’t worry about quoting others !

when you do the work for yourself you will start to understand about sudden and gradual enlightenment

otherwise its just blather

doesn’t that bother you or are you blinded by the poncy shaolin martial arts  “ shows ”


well look at some of the shaolin  “ shows ”  on the web, they’re an education !

the chinese must be mad !

a quote from bodhidharma, the first patriarch of zen

mortals liberate buddhas


buddhas liberate mortals

my  reply

immortals liberate buddhas

buddhas liberate immortals

the last patriarch lives !

the problem with r|zen, is, you are having to deconstruct and correct everything !

the problem with r|zen, is, you are having to deconstruct and correct everything

the problem with r|zen is you are having to deconstruct and correct everything !

the problem with r|zen is you are having to deconstruct and correct everything

ewk, i encourage you to stop trying to change people and see more rationally what reddit zen is about !

like sisyphus do you think you are doing something meaningful ?

i encourage you to stop trying to change people and see more rationally what reddit zen is about !

like sisyphus do you think you are doing something meaningful ?

in and out around and about


women, machines designed to breed

men and women, machines designed to breed

women  machines designed to breed

men and women  machines designed to breed


i have left zen

what about being the 7th patriarch ?

zen comes with me


to understand zen you need to have been  outside it, go in   go back outside come back in again then leave  entirely


i am not here for your entertainment


to separate from something is really a statement of contempt about it   statement of its destructiveness


two visions i can’t really describe, both of them women

one of an ex, turned away wearing a sort of tent like clothes sheepskin, i don’t know

another just now, not the ex, ah youngish female face, i don’t know, twenty six, very heavily made up, attractive   brown hair flying away at the sides  something about the eyes, sorta slit like, or skulls or something, mouth not right either, sort of thin or twisted  lips, make up sort of  light or light brown pastel


turning around, turning about, turning in turning out

turning around, turning about, turning out turning in


turning in, turning out, turning around, turning about


i don’t need reddit zen, what reddit zen needs, who knows ?

i don’t need reddit zen, what reddit zen needs, who knows


that is, the cries began, when you called me lee-ann


go away you leech

go away you reddit zen leech


turning in, turning out, turning around turning about

turning out, turning in, turning around turning about

turning in, turning out, turning around, turning about

turning out, turning in, turning around, turning about


turning around,   turning about, turning in turning out

turning around,   turning out, turning in turning about


this inversion  of effect between non-exercising smokers and exercising non-smokers taking vitamin E for pneumonia susceptibility points to the multifactorial effect on vitamin supplementation !

the  boobook  calls  ‘ cao cao ’

again and again

then it stops

the owl in the night calls  ‘ cao cao ’

again and again

then it stops

the night owl calls  ‘ cao cao ’

again and again

then it stops

its interesting to look at mayberry on the lost world  backlot ,  its a dream, some  benign  relaxed fantasy frozen in time and the only place it exists is on the lot if you have ever lived in a small town environment ! : o)

if lisa cairns had been involved in zen, she would be a clone in robes with buddha statues and all the paraphernalia floating around, but because she is a clone of tony parsons she gets to hold retreats in   beautiful places  with good food and her dog for company  (not a bad idea given the nature of the people who attend these retreats !)

the r|zen moderators have deleted two out of my last three OP’s ,  i think this is significant because i am trying to move in a different direction, broader and more outside of zen and clearly the moderators do not like it !

its because of this i can see more clearly what they are on r|zen, stupid closed minded farts who think the world of themselves while very aggressively supressing any hint of the real story !

sir henry neville lamenting that the world in future generations will know nothing of him or his name but will ascribe his works to   ‘ william shakespeare ’

a really powerful poem !

sonnet eighty-one

or i shall live your epitaph to make

or you survive when i in earth am rotten

from hence your memory death cannot take

although in me each part will be forgotten

your name from hence immortal life shall have

though i, once gone, to all the world must die

the earth can yield me but a common grave

when you entombed in men’s eyes shall lie

your monument shall be my gentle verse

which eyes not yet created shall o’er-read

and tongues to be your being shall rehearse

when all the breathers of this world are dead

you still shall live, such virtue hath my pen

where breath most breathes, even in the mouths of men

another reddit  extreme

First.  I fell in love with a girl who ended up coming out about being brutally raped by someone I knew and someone who was popular in our school.  He lied about it, told people SHE was lying, and told people her injuries were from being drunk.  I've posted about this before on Reddit, but out of rage I did some horrible things to him.  The girl isn't capable of being in a relationship or even being sexual anymore.  She has some serious problems with her legs because of how bad he beat her before and after.  I crippled him, maybe not for life but to this day he doesn't really leave his house, which is fair because neither can she.

The aftermath directly was pretty interesting.  He was found the next morning and told the police he was hit by a drunk driver.  Everyone in my home town talks about how much of a shame it is and how bright his future was, not realizing that he took away the future of one of the smartest and brightest women I've ever met in my whole life.

I moved away from that town, the both of them are still there.  No one but us three know what he did to her, and what I did to him for it.  I think he understood that if he came out about me crippling him then everyone would know that he's the reason that girl just disappeared.

I'm not the law.  People look at him as someone who wanted to serve our country but was taken out by an injustice.  He destroyed a girls life so bad that she sits in her room all day and reads by her self.

Ironically, for the rest of his life he'll be sitting down and reading glorious lies about him deep down knowing the truth.  I'm not the only one who knows what he did, I told my old roommate when I came home covered in blood, and my therapist knows.  Maybe one day I'll go public about it.


another  ‘ reddit extreme ’  i remember is a guy who carried a pistol for protection and passing an alley and hearing some sounds he looked down it and saw a man threatening and apparently about to shoot another  (on the ground)  so he drew his pistol and shot him on reflex !

done quite unconciously he said !

i think he did kill the man, must have been a large caliber !

jason is viewing the  “ master and margarita ”  videos on you tube and comments that they are very zen !

my  comment

russian orthodox is very  “ zen like ”  and  mikhail bulgakov’s  father was a noted russian orthodox thinker so obviously mikhail was steeped in it and it really comes through in his writing !

he was probably saved by stalin during the 30’s purges as he liked mikail’s play  “ the white guard ”  !

r|zen has become very very very boring with the moderators restriction of subject matter to  “ on topic ” ,  what is interesting is the drones there are so full of themselves that they find  “ full of themselves ”  interesting

i feel like i’ve gone on an alcoholic binge with reddit zen and now i have to stop completely or continue, there’s no halfway house !

i really don’t like the people on it !

i feel like i’ve gone on an alcoholic binge with reddit zen and now i have to stop completely or continue, there’s no halfway house !

yeah some-one taking off a  vr headset  could brush their lip with it and the skin around the eyes is very thin !

better to live the illusion than see things as they are !

better to live the illusion than see things as they are

“ The precise cellular and molecular mechanisms by which thyroid exerts its action on almost every cell and organ in the body have been well worked out

T4 and T3 are synthesized by the thyroid gland in response to TSH

The thyroid gland primarily secretes T4 (≈85%), which is converted to T3 by 5′-monodeiodination in the liver, kidney, and skeletal muscle.

The heart relies mainly  on serum T3  because no significant myocyte intracellular deiodinase activity takes place, and it appears that T3, and not T4, is transported into the myocyte ”

the question of how wedded to buddhism zen is often arises

but really zen is much more indebted to vedanta and sufism and possibly doaism than buddhism

or even the notion of  “ co-development ”  is very valid, religion, its ideas and texts travelled freely along the silk road and some of those merchants had an extraordinary sophistication and interest in those areas !

a good  interview  with idries shah

“ well, in the past few years I have given quite a few seminars and lectures at universities, and I have become terrified by the low level of ability

it is as if people just aren’t trying

they don’t read the books in their fields, don’t know the workings of them, use inadequate approaches to a subject, ask ridiculous questions that a moment’s thought would have enabled them to answer

if these are the cream, what is the milk like ? ”

i think everyone interested in zen should research sufism in depth, makes you see that zen is not so unique and of course china and the middle east were connected by the silk road !

“ they therefore only teach themselves what they already know ! ” 

r|zen in a  nutshell  !

to play chess successfully at the grandmaster level, you’d have to believe that chess was not deterministic

that a quantum computer could not map out all the winning and losing games

i don’t think that is the case !

to have started a successful career as doge of venice at age 85 ,  enrico dandolo must have been  aporetic  !

ewk  posts

“ mind is not the buddha, knowledge is not the way ”

my  reply

mind is knowledge ,  buddha is the way !

ewk  asks

 says who ?


r e p l y

mind and buddha

knowledge and the way

“ mind is not the buddha, knowledge is not the way ”

mind is knowledge ,  buddha is the way !

“ mind is not the buddha, knowledge is not the way ”

mind is knowledge, buddha is the way !

“ thus tung shan said

if you would judge whether one going beyond is genuine or false, there are three kinds of leakage :  emotional leakage, leakage of views and verbal leakage

if there is a leakage of views, the intellect does not stir from its fixed position and falls into the poisonous sea

if feelings leak, knowing always turns towards and against, and one’s view is biased

verbal leakage embodies the marvel but loses the fundamental; the intellect confuses beginning and end

you should know these three leaks for yourself ” 


c o m m e n t

you need to be enlightened yourself to tell, there’s no other way

and actually its very easy

in fact he was explaining something to himself !

the addition of the phrase  “ i’m afraid ” to information conveyed

is not really fear, its to prepare the other person for a disappointment and\or express sympathy

and is intended to deflect their resentment of you as the bringer of  “ bad news ”

well you can look north claiming its south !

ed.  in the northern hemisphere

well you can look north claiming its south !

well you can look north claiming its south

well you can look south claiming its north !

ed.  in the southern hemisphere

well you can look south claiming its north !

well you can look south claiming its north

ewk  writes

generally when someone wants to pretend they are a messiah it’s game over as conversations go

my reply

your problem is that being a  “ pretender ”  you are drawn to my  “ authenticity ”

and the game is never over is it ?

r|philosophy banned me for asking why academic philosophy is so retarded

well its retarded because they have no tolerance for criticism !

true philosophers don’t censor !

censorship is the hallmark of mediocrity !

r|philosophy banned me for asking why academic philosophy is so retarded

well its retarded because they have no tolerance for criticism !

“ huineng received the robe, his teacher said, because he alone of 500 monks did not understand the dharma ”

that’s not true

what it is, is that the  500 monks were pretenders and huineng alone correctly understood

you need to be enlightened yourself to tell wether some-one else is enlightened, there’s no other way

and actually its very easy

one can always get banned on r|meditation by simply questioning the more schizophrenic posts and comments !

sir henry neville had at least two trips to northern italy, one as a young man doing a continental tour and later on a vacation when he was ambassador to france !


Richard Roe, author of  “ The Shakespeare  Guide  to Italy ”  first came upon eternal Italy as a very young man on Army-Air-Force assignment to attack the Axis's oil refineries in Romania during World War II.  The mortality rate was 80-90%.  He survived.


Over the past 400 years, much has been imagined about Shakespeare's life, and much less actually known.  One of the few certainties about his very uncertain biography was this: Whoever William Shakespeare was, he was clearly a "native genius" who never left England's shores.  How else to explain those famous mistakes of geography, such as setting a seacoast in Bohemia or, in Two Gentlemen of Verona, sailing boats between Milan and Verona?

And yet...why would the poet choose to set 10 of his 36 plays in Italy, a land in which he had never set foot?  What was it that triggered Shakespeare's fascination with Italian history, customs, geography and mores so evident in Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, Othello, Taming of the Shrew, and Much Ado About Nothing?  What did Shakespeare really know about Italy, and how did he know it? With no first-hand evidence, historians admit they can only imagine how Shakespeare himself imagined the world beyond England's shores.

In his groundbreaking book, "The Shakespeare Guide to Italy," author Richard Roe is not content to imagine Shakespeare; he hunts him down.  Using the canon of Shakespeare's 10 Italian plays as his guide, he treks through Italy by car and by foot to solve specific clues in the plays' lines to prove his thesis: that whoever wrote these works must have had an intimate, first-hand familiarity with Italy itself.

For Roe, the secret to Shakespeare is written in the streets and byways, the rivers and canals and churches of Italy.  With the passion and precision of a master detective, he locates the exact spots that the Bard describes in his plays, locations that in four centuries of Shakespeare scholarship have never before been examined.

In a broken grove of native sycamore trees, Roe uncovers the very spot where Shakespeare's Benvolio claims that the lovesick Romeo walked. In the narrow streets of Verona, hidden by centuries of change in its form and function, he finds the church that scholars long thought Shakespeare had simply invented.  And in his study of English etymology and the maps of Renaissance Italy, he proves that a gentleman of Verona could indeed have "sailed," as Shakespeare claims, between the landlocked cities of Verona and Milan, which sit far from any sea.

Time and again, Roe disproves centuries of scholarship that claim Shakespeare never traveled to Italy, and so was obviously ignorant of its geography.  The Bard is revealed here to be a writer who is worldly, well-tutored and wise to the ways of Italian navigation, geography and customs - right down to the earmarks of specific neighborhoods.  We are convinced he must have walked the streets where he set his scenes.


The most obvious example of this detailed knowledge is evidenced by archeological discoveries in Northern Italy which have revealed the extensive system inland waterways that existed in the region during Shakespeare's era and beyond.  These include the canals which made possible a journey by boat between Verona and the inland city of Milan...just as Shakespeare himself described in The Two Gentleman of Verona...


In the last chapter Roe claims of Isola Vulcano that "No other place in the world possesses the unique combination of features described in "The Tempest."  For part of his argument he offers a wide variety flora and fauna, starting with one of the most common species across all Europe, the "hedgehogs which/lie tumbling" in Caliban's path and prick his feet.


Roe discovered that Shakespeare used a somewhat peculiar method that consisted in pointedly naming or describing obscure or unique places that might look like inventions or mistakes, but turned out to be real sites.  He never used obvious, well-known and immediately recognizable signatures of a place or a city.  This led Roe to the following observation,  “I have steadily learned that no remark in the Shakespeare canon is ever offhanded.  There is always a reason that can very easily escape us”.


the marriageable upper-class girls of Venice were kept indoors as much as possible, owing no doubt to their value as virgins on the marital market (in that money-conscious republic).  So cloistered were these maids that they were forbidden even to look out the windows on the sometimes rowdy street life; and this secretiveness was commented on, particularly by the Flemish merchants.  This information takes us directly into the moneylender Shylock's house, when he forbids his daughter Jessica to look out the "casements."


A Bohemian seacoast in "The Winter's Tale" - so often cited as a geographical blunder - did exist briefly in the 13th century, the time frame of the play.  Travel between landlocked Verona and Milan ("The Two Gentlemen from Verona") was possible using a combination of rivers and canals.  As the writer of a book on the 16th century, I know well that canals were used extensively then, since water travel was so much safer, and one could move from place to place in comfort with one's possessions and retainers.


Sycamore trees stand west of the city walls in Verona, mentioned in Romeo and Juliet.  The grove of trees barely in sight beyond the Porta Palio has been reduced to copses, it is true, but they are there. You can see them through the arch.  Midsummer Night's Dream had a neighborhood called 'Little Athens'.  It still exists in Sabbioneta, not Greece.  Shall we sail from Verona to Milan, as in Two Gentlemen of Verona?  Laughable?   —  today maybe it is  —  but by traveling overland to Ostiglia, they did it routinely, via the river Adda and canals.  What about visiting the Bohemian coastline, near Trieste?  Impossible now, but then Bohemia had thirty miles of access to the Gulf of Venice.

ewk, in your world there’s no real sages, everyone is drones pontificating from the records !

he  replies

if there were real sages then people wouldn’t quote zen masters all the time.  (ed.  on r|zen)

my  reply

any number of philosophers and writers are quoted, they are  “ sages ” ,  only in your narrow zen world is the voynich nonsense of misrecorded half wits promoted !

in your world there’s no real sages, everyone is drones pontificating from the records !

ewk, in your world there’s no real sages, everyone is drones pontificating from the records

in your world there’s no real sages, everyone is drones pontificating from the records

the real sages have their own dialogues, they don’t need voynichated quotes or the dumb silent thuggery of uninformed meditation

philosophy departments are repositories for second rate minds !

philosophy departments have a strong affinity for second rate minds !

philosophy departments are repositories for second rate minds

philosophy departments have a strong affinity for second rate minds

why is academic philosophy so chronically retarded  ?

why is academic philosophy so chronically retarded ?

why is academic philosophy so chronically retarded ?

“ a typical football practice drill involves many  repetitions  heading the ball

so what happens to the brain when these head impacts are repeated over and over again  —  particularly when done from a young age ? ”

i don’t know how people who claim to do meditation become so schizophrenic and clueless !

all they do is get more retarded and closed !

its best to understand  “ meditation ”  or  “ contemplation ”  as instructionless .

focusing on the breath is like reading the sutras, it sends people crazy !

“ i’m always right, never wrong ”  is his song !

“ i’m always right, never wrong ”  is his song

conflict sucks everything out of you !

conflict always sucks everything out of you !

conflict sucks everything out of you

conflict always sucks everything out of you

ewk, you put a lot of effort into posting yet you already know that most of the people on r|zen are dishonest crazies, so  “ conversion ”  or trying to maintain a correct viewpoint goes nowhere !

the problem is how to get value from the time you put in

there’s only one way and that’s to be aporetic !

am i telling this to another of the dishonest crazies ?

just writing this reply does something for me, working through how i think about reddit zen and testing that !

there’s some some possibly beneficial change in me each time i post !

no change leaves you an unpleasant, aggressive block of wood !

the great zen masters were all aporetic !


what i notice with people like ewk is when you get down to brass tacks as happens occasionally and has happened here now in this  thread ,  they run off and you see them posting later like nothing has happened

so obviously there is some huge neural issue !

calcified neural networks, they remove when it looks like they might break and revert to their previous shape !

both of ewk’s parents were psychologists ,  that is a form of  “ abuse ”  that has crippled him in some ways ?

anything different is a form of mental illness ?

there’s a lot of sexual abuse of one form or another in tibetan buddhism, sorta institutionalised from more than a thousand years of having large numbers of young monks in its monasteries !

what people miss about chögyam trungpa is he was hypersexualised from abuse as child monastic !

he’s actually a typical product of the system !

tibetan buddhism is not monolithic by any means and a state of semi war between the factions has existed for most of its history !

personally i find it particularly stupid and cretinous, but the people much nicer than other branches of buddhism ! !

buddhism and the way it attracts unreasonable arseholes ! : o(

why be an unpleasant, aggressive block of wood ?

why be an unpleasant, aggressive block of wood

its worth reading through the  link ,  new research has shown that lack of sleep actually physically damages the brain !

computer screens look like bright daylight so you can see using one late at night really messes things up !

ideally we should all go onto red light  (which has no blue in it)  an hour or so before bed and at the same time every night !

i think the point about sisyphus is he actually has to believe he is doing something worthwhile or he wouldn’t roll the boulder up the hill each time !

i think the point about sisyphus is he actually has to believe he is doing something worthwhile or he wouldn’t roll the boulder up the hill each time

“ Argue with fools if you wish. ”

‘ just avoid picking and choosing ’

fools or otherwise !

basically you are looking for aporetic benefit, that’s all there is !

“ just avoid picking and choosing ”

fools or otherwise !

basically you are looking for aporetic benefit, that’s all there is !

its taken me along while to learn we only have so much quality attention in a day and to be careful what its spent on !

its taken me along while to learn we only have so much quality attention in a day and to be careful what its spent on

  “ What is your experience with entheogens ? ”

all my life mistakes and disasters are more entheogen than i can handle !

  “ What is your experience with entheogens ? ”

all my life mistakes and disasters are more entheogens than i can handle !

  “ What is your experience with entheogens ? ”

all my life mistakes and disasters is more entheogens than i can handle !

people don’t vary from their  “ average ”  and neither will you !

people don’t vary from their average and neither will you !

people don’t vary from their average and neither will you

why waste your time writing whole paragraphs and pages  ?

just use these r|zen cut and pastes !

you said such and such and i don’t like it

what’s straight thinking ? who cares?

no i don’t see any incompatibility between my promotion of nazi ideology and my admiration of alan watts !

you don’t need to read the sutras to  “ push ”  them !

you don’t need to read any zen records to understand zen

you need to have taken lsd to understand zen

vipassana is the same as zen

buddhism is the same as zen

hinduism is the same as zen

of course game playing is the same as solitary contemplation

extra  :  satanism is zen and aleister crowley is really a zen master !

i have never seen anyone with any clues who does lsd on a regular basis, it obviously fucks the brain somehow !

i have never seen anyone with any clues who does lsd on a regular basis, it obviously fucks the brain somehow

i have never seen anyone with any clues who does lsd, it obviously fucks the brain somehow !

i have never seen anyone with any clues who does lsd, it obviously fucks the brain somehow

people see objects when they are just temporary shapes fluidity has taken

people see objects when they are just temporary shapes of fluidity !

people see objects when they are just temporary shapes of fluidity

buddhist’s promote  the diamond sutra  but do they read it ?

like christians really, anyone who actually reads a reasonable amount of the material self-excommunicates !

“ for if anyone says that the tathagata sets forth a teaching he really slanders buddha and is unable to explain what i teach ”

i think the point about   scientology  is that if not for david miscavige it would now be a broad based almost mainstream religion, really, you can’t say its more nutty than jehovah’s witnesses or the mormons !

through obsessive and effective power politics he placed it on the same trajectory as north korea !

river  of hailstones in  iraq

conflict consumes  !

conflict consumes  !

conflict consumes !

conflict consumes

jason  quotes  diane arbus and comments

“ if you kept intimate company with pictures, you entered into a changing and charged relationship with them ”

i collect photos that i find online, it makes a really awesome collection !

one of the best galleries around maybe !

“ amazing that they can make this craziness work and they kind of can crazify you a little bit ”

reminds me of something andrew said about psychologists, they become crazy from working with their patients !

repeat to yourself, reddit zen is conflict, it is always going to be conflict

if you get involved you are going to be consumed by it

repeat to yourself !

repeat to yourself, reddit zen is conflict, its always going to be conflict

if you get involved you are going to be consumed by it

repeat to yourself !

the diamond  (vajra cutter)  sutra has actually got some good lines but most of it is inconsistent repetitive hypnotic hogwash

“ so you should view this fleeting world  —

a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream,

a flash of lightning in a summer cloud,

a flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream ”

my  ‘ improved ’  version below

 so you should view this evanescent world  —

stars in the dawn sky, bubbles frothing in a stream

a flash of lightning in towering cloud

a quivering flame, a phantom, and a dream

the sutra overall will have been written by several people, the thinking is too compartmentalised

my version is actually a correction of the bullshit in the sutra

i’m not seventh patriarch for nothing !

there’s a slight  (not so slight really)  shift in meaning that matches up with infinity,

that’s what it is about and consigns all the sutras to stacks to be used in the outhouse !

something clicks and grips, i’ve got it

only to be unclicked and ungripped

i am left with nothing

yet something has come through




an alternative version

something clicks and grips, i’ve got it

only to be unclicked and ungripped  left with nothing

yet something has come through




the man  “ with half a head ”  comes across well in the  video

“ Nationalist socialism has its own merits ”

yes it killed as many of its own people as others !

its unbelievable what people promote these days !

the way the nazi genocide of the jews disrupted the german and occupied countries middle classes always meant the war was lost for them

i have read sutras, god i cannot  understand  the vigour and stupidity of you people defending what you don’t read and know nothing about !

two pages and anyone will know they are boring insanity !

defending alan watts one day, promoting zionist conspiracy theories the next ,  how can people be so inconsistent or is that insanity  ?

its interesting the notion of how his  spanish fluency  must have been   “ walled off ”



i’ve often dreamed in other languages, makes me wonder how much of the language i subconsciously know

“ When I confuse myself I often end up in the unborn state or in a mental mono-pause until something draws my attention and I proceed naturally ”

minus the pretension

when i get confused, i become uncertain and follow what comes to my attention

“ Woe to the one who hasn’t shed a tear at the utterance of the Metta Sutta ! ”

lol you mean this pile of drug high  hogwash  !

i don’t know what they took then but the crap is so thick

“ This is what should be done 

by one who is skilled in goodness

and who knows the path of peace :

let them be able and upright

straightforward and gentle in speech

 humble and not conceited ”

i’m talking about the better known sutras, several of which i have read, they are boring stultifying hogwash and a full reading can give no other conclusion !

yeah they are all hypnotic crap and very noticeably you can’t give a sutra that’s not !

believe me i have looked !

bad fairy tales, that’s all !

“ seeing ”  is a quantum process

realization is generally some looney idea of accomplishment !

lol  j.k. rowling  took   2C-B  !

she probably did

the world is so rewarding of talentless shit !

ewk, i guess you are always going to be here, a piece of decaying furniture ! : o (

i guess you are always going to be here, a piece of decaying furniture ! : o (

i guess you are always going to be here, a piece of decaying furniture !

i guess you are always going to be here, a piece of decaying furniture

from Aśvaghoṣa’s  debate  with Pārśva

The world should be made peaceable, with a king long-lived that he might have increasing virtue, plentiful harvests, and joy throughout the land, with none of the myriad calamities

my reply

yet the world is not like this

 why ?

r|zen is entering a new phase

people pushing sutras who have obviously never read them, this still has me boggling

ewk in some sort of  “ decline ”

super entitled millennials et al without the wit to even understand that

history has a million generations, some more forgettable than others !

ed.  of millennials !

history has a million generations, some more forgettable than others !

history has a million generations, some more forgettable than others

sepehr has created a new genre with his most recent short story  “ The Curse of the Three Biblical Magi ”

h.p. lovecraft meets nietzsche ?

nietzsche does almost step into the horror genre a bit, maybe he could of gone further but the publishing and social environment didn’t permit it !

the real zen is celibate and abstinent

“ I am curious as to how do you define  ‘ real ’  ?

As in  ‘ real zen ’  ”

didn’t i just define it ?

i think i use it in opposition to what the vast majority of zen is, dyssynchronous fantasy and proxying

“ I think I understand

Funny, as I sometimes think of zen itself as  “ dyssynchronous fantasy and proxying ”

I wonder, isn’t trying to define the word  “ zen ”  an impossibility and therefore saying "real zen ”  is like saying the "real illusion? ”  ”

the basic point of this   post  is that there is larger context "zen" is a part of, so in fact this context is a possibility and by inference  “ real zen ”  is not an illusion !

there is really something, its about something and there’s work pertinent to that something to do !

the  “ problems ”  of reddit zen have to do with the  “ public domain ”  nature of the word, it can mean anything to anyone as as we see it here it does !

“ hubricity ”

i’m not quite sure whether its a neologism or not !

“ Its practice grabbing your monkey mind and trying to kill it forever ”

prozac !

you are just trying to swap one sort of mind you imagine to be, with another !

if you are enlightened you learn to see that life is just one unceasing hell, the only difference is you see it and its not disguised and if there is any  “ practice ”  its that one learns to unpeel the disguising we do from ourselves !

is an evasive nonsensical writing style with underlying hubricity a millennial thing ?

if you can’t beat ‘em, confuse ‘em and if you can’t confuse them, at least you have confused yourself !

“ sounds like zen to ‘em ”

yeah, its just actually a very limited rhetorical technique !

is an evasive nonsensical writing style with underlying hubricity a millennial thing ?

if you can’t beat ‘em, confuse ‘em and if you can’t confuse them, at least you have confused yourself !

is an evasive nonsensical writing style with underlying hubricity a millennial thing ?

is an evasive nonsensical style with underlying hubricity a millennial thing ?

yeah, but are you actually saying anything ?

“ Do I need to ? ”

why do we read joshu 1,150 years later ?

why do we read joshu 1,150 years later ?

why do we read joshu 1,150 years later

yeah, but are you actually saying anything ?

yeah, but are you actually saying anything

are you actually saying anything ?

are you actually saying anything

“ which are the most important Sutras ? ”

‘ the sutra of complete nonsense and doesn’t pretend to be anything else ’

7300 pages !

just combine all the sutras and say they are nonsense !

using the word  “ nonsense ”  is more polite than saying they are deceiving bullshit pushed by duplicitous morons !

i’ve read some, they are hypnotic crap !

i’ve read some, hypnotic crap !

i’ve read some, hypnotic crap

i’ve read some hypnotic crap

the reddit zen intellectual honesty tests

1.   i am not who i am

2.   look for their weak points and if they don’t have any, make them up !

3.   be impervious to logic !

4.   even if you concede something, that’s only to illustrate what a wonderful person you are

5.   running away is only making a dignifying exit

6.   in the next reply revert back to your previous position

reading poetry is the thinking that is needed for zen

if you can’t read poetry you are wasting your time

its a skill that develops like anything else !

its strange to be in a world of morons who don’t think they are morons !

its strange to be in a world of morons who don’t think they are morons

throw maitreya buddha on the ground

smash him in the face

once, twice


 take that, you insufferable prig !

just because  its old  doesn’t make it not rubbish !

i’ll have to cut out your tongue and chop off your hands as well to stop  your zombie clichés !

i’ll have to cut out your tongue and chop off your hands as well to stop your zombie clichés !

throw foyan on the ground

smash him in the face

once, twice


 take that, you silent illumination heretic !


he’s lying bleeding on the ground thrashing about in death convulsions

throw foyan on the ground

smash him in the face

once, twice


 take that you silent illumination heretic !

you want me banned mackowski, i find you an idiot, so stop posting to me and we both should be happy !

you want me banned, i find you an idiot, so stop posting to me and we both should be happy !

i think the notion of  “ practitioners ”  in zen is a modern one and not historical

its not actually a generic term, it comes from christian science !

layman pang was a bankrupt whose children and wife suicided , no wonder he sought the religious life !

the real zen is celibate and abstinent, i’m not saying there are not very talented people with alcohol problems and families like dylan thomas who have  “ a patriarchs understanding ” ,  but for lesser mortals to attain this understanding ,  the life long celibacy and work that monks like joshu had is necessary !

yeah, alan watts’ explanations are very conventional, since you think   “ he leaves the conventional way of looking at things ”  your experience of quality thinking like charles bukowski, emily dickinson and jacques derrida is obviously non existant

the problem with alan watts is he doesn’t acknowldege that recursion makes explanations in terms of what is being explained  “ nonsensical ”

as i say his approach is attractive to the  “ hoi polloi ”  but is not on the level of real competence !

the real competence of bukowski, derrida and dickenson is too strange for the everyday morons so they just sit around pretending that alan watts means something . .

you  (ed.  mackowski)  can’t connect with my language because you are just an arrogant dumb young fuck who can’t get that he doesn’t understand something and there’s a lot of work to get to the point he understands !

a reader asks for an  ‘ elaboration ’  of this

“ some supposedly enlightened zen masters like huangpo and dahui are in fact not enlightened ”

well its patriarch versus  “ zen master ”  zen ,  zen master zen holds that reasonable attainment is within the reach of anyone ,  ‘ patriarch zen ’  says that only one a generation, if that, understands

huang po and dahui, while good at the zen master level do not reach the understanding of the patriarchs !

“ why do you think there’s only one in a generation ?

also in regards to joshu, you mentioned he was the leading teacher.  do you put him besides the patriarchs or do you think he was the best teacher that wasn’t a patriarch? ”

i think he has to be a patriarch because of what he says in his dialogues, that perspective don’t come from anywhere except patriarch zen !

really patriarch zen is all that is of interest, the other stuff you might as well twiddle your thumbs, its just following  “ formats ”  and missing the synchronicity with infinity !

“ why do you think there’s only one of a generation ? ”

because that’s all i can see from the records and even today as well

the problem is that real inquiry redirects your life . . .

since what i write is that redirection, people sense that and 99% get real aggressive because it is so frightening to them, way better to play on the edges and sling turd pies so to speak . . .

i don’t actually have any quarrel with those who want to opt out, its just the vigour with which they push contrary bullshit and try to trample down any opposition that is dismaying and wearing, they just can’t admit to themselves they are just wasting their time

religious history has always had this tension between logocentrist and aporetic elements, sometimes lethal as in huike’s case

i remember toni packer had an attempt on her life . .

so at least the friction on r|zen is not spilling over into real life . .

the first irish missionary sent into scotland  (a dangerous task if there ever was one) ,  was as a punishment for killing another monk in a pitched battle between two monasteries over some psalms copied by a monk from the monastery that didn’t have them

the net is a pretty good source on the voynich manuscript, you can have fun trying to work out who wrote/illustrated it and how, i have my answer but am not revealing it because the sense of mystery about it serves my purposes best !

“ you once told me to not care about visions, but your transmission from huineng must have been exactly that, right ?

 care to explain a bit ? ”

i would never say that

zen teachers however will tell you that and it is very destructive !

with authentic visions you really have to have that sense of having gone somewhere and come back !

“ casual use of meth and heroin are not possible

in fact, you are already starting to be addicted

alcohol is nowhere near as damaging as illicit drugs

if you want to do drugs, weed is your safest bet

i was part of the lab on research in meth and heroin on rats

even low and infrequent doses led to difficult rehab and prevention of relapse that most of them had to be euthanised because of how low their quality of life was ”

one of charles bukowski’s best  poems

very different

the next poem  “ the strongest of the strange ”  is very good too !

alan watts doesn’t leave the conventional way of looking at things whereas charles bukowski is so far out that if you read his works i don’t have to explain that to you !

“ I’ve been on a plane struck by lightning

There’s a flash of light, obviously, and a thumping lurch thanks to the sudden change in air pressure but no worse than the lurching you’re going to get by flying through a storm anyway

Oddly, there was no thunder

The biggest noise was the gasping when the pilot came on the comm afterwards to say,   ‘ we were just struck by lightning but everything’s fine ’  ”

me too, a huge flash of light, but a big clap of thunder as well and all the air hostesses ran to the windows to look at the wings

one engine caught fire but was extinguished and we made an emergency landing on an airfield in american samoa

wow, a burning bright sun and humid !

i do remember being astounded at the pilot’s sangfroid !

alan watts was intelligent and well spoken but was an  “ entertainer ”  and not enlightened

charles bukowski was also an alcoholic but was enlightened, what can i say ?

what is  “ normative reality ”  ?

the social consensus of  “ normal ”  that we are all so careful not to step out of !

we all move around this all the time and are familiar with blurring the line, being over it and within it !

ok so you are believer in normative reality and think zen or real mystical understanding is compatible with it, like alan watts and his three wives, seven kids, many lovers and alcohol addiction ?

interestingly  the photographer diane arbus’s brother ,  howard nemerov is a very good  poet  and was also her lover, it sounds like she had a difficultly high sex drive !

what sense of importance ?   (ed.  me being the seventh patriarch)

people just think you are mad !

if you know what’s true and it doesn’t synchronise with the socially accepted view of normality then . . .

the problem with allan watts is he is  “ feel good ” ,  whereas zen is in fact not  “ feel good ”  at all !

i just feel like i am being conned when i watch his videos  . .

so many fall for his bullshit . .

they don’t have a correct idea of what is right

as brad warner puts it, these people are  “ lifestyle enhancer ”  zennists

allan watts made money by flattering his audiences so that’s what he did !

he had seven children and was alcoholic, they and women were his real priorities and not cheap to maintain !

jason writes

oh nope, no way i could just sit through that pain, i need to stamp my feet and curse into the air, whenever i put it on my face i wonder how in hell you put  35%   hydrogen peroxide  in your ear

i was walking back to the goat pen today and it felt like something just ticked to another minute, like a new person took over . . this happens every once in a while

last night i was laying down with my eyes closed and it was like a sort of vision where i was just flying straight up to the sky, i was thinking about that time when i was little on the plane

my  reply

its the repeat applications that are the most painful !

what else you write about is the right track, pretty much the rest of your life is spent with that sort of thing happening and the years of processing necessary that follow them

stuff can be way more significant than it appears

there you are, you are now more famous than the blue cliff record . .  the real zen has emerged again !

the neighbour gave me an apple pie she had made yesterday, she also has gut issues and we talked about that and i lent her my copy of elaine gottschall’s   “ the vicious circle ” 

i sorta explained what it was about to her so she was concerned about the crust on the pie, anyway i have been eating the crust which is rather nice, but on balance makes me feel a bit dull, haven’t really noticed much digestive effect though . .

on balance wheat is better avoided imo ,  i am sure it would eventually have a negative digestive effect ,  there’s a bit of sugar in it as well !

wheat has potent pharmacological effects, i can’t understand how the rest of the population can stand to be on it !

how admirable is the horse that self-blinkers ?

how admirable is the horse that self-blinkers

“ A true teacher teaches without teaching ”

a true pupil learns without being taught !

joshu is the leading zen teacher imo, i don’t think we get the fully dense semanticism of his short conversations, some translations do convey something in this respect

in short he was a sort of poet and if only people would understand that the prose perspective doesn’t cut the ice, the whole of zen is a prose perspective unsuccessfully trying to catch the poetic

some supposedly enlightened zen masters like huangpo and dahui are in fact not enlightened

zen is simply that special transmission outside the scriptures which is not unreasonable given the tommyrot nature of the scriptures

the other thing to get is that this is not tang and song dynasty china, nor medieval japan

so culturally we have to ask, what was zen about that is matched in our culture and the answer is christian mysticism and sufi and poetry and literature . .

it is just insane to get stuck on zen when there is an infinitely larger and voluminous amount of material that is also  “ about ”  what zen is  “ about ”

see the problems of translation and  “ misrecording ”  have created a semi-voynich to which an illusory deeper truth has been assigned that is not there

and the more plain and ultimately understandable western and middle eastern mysticism and the vast wealth of non-religious literature are not recognised for what they are, discursions in a similar manner to what the best of ch’an and zen is about !

the japanese poet basho is a good example of  “ crossover ” ,  also the tsurezuregusa of kenko, both much more famous and well known than any zen obscurity !

so we have the twisted perversity today of zen being utilised like some body armour and tattoos where one is somehow superior through being a cliché spewing dyed in the wool moron who has   “ attained ”  whatever it is that the clichés supposedly match

plain sense is rejected to be replaced by voynich as a supposed base, no wonder both real life and net zen is closer to a psych ward than any real understanding


“ Wow, great post brother ”

thanx, twenty years of thinking and experience condensed into it !

funny how it all came out at once !

you have subtracted so much your life is without meaning !

you have subtracted so much your life is without meaning

everything i do goes nowhere, i don’t know why i should expect it to be different for others


everything i do goes nowhere, i don’t know why i expect it to be different for others

hmm, a word i don’t want to know the meaning of


tang and song dynasty ch’an/zen has the very unusual feature of most of its  “ masters ”  being illiterate and you end up with very mixed quality records with little or bowdlerised life information

that is very facilitating of projection

when you get to japan and its much more complete records, everything gets a lot more murky in terms of haigiographical potential, like  “ zen masters ”  usually/always being life disaster areas . . even something as obvious as dogen slowly dying of tuberculosis gets swept under the carpet !

don’t fit the projections of course !